Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mark David


wow, super characters, Mark! and saw the ones a few pages back. love your imagination! and great seeing your work process. keep it up buddy…you rock!


Hi Mark,
you did it again. I almost fell of my chair when I looked at the bottom two aliens in the spaceship. It looks a little like they crashed on that rock and the front one is like: “ups”. :scream:



What a wonderfully fun image to look at, I have such a great time finding all the different things you have in it :slight_smile:


Priceless :slight_smile: That dog vs. alien drawing is funny as hell.


Jusy a couple comments mothig tho crit here hehehehe…

Boy are you working huge!! I use the line and color separate for alot of my work and I always have trouble avoiding white halos when I apply the color bucket to it, specialy when I use a ‘pencil’ or any other effect brush for the line. So, you’re telling me bigger resolution is the answer? I’ll have to try it, never came to my mind:banghead:

Ooooh those clueless roosterlike ones and the funny walking roswell ones are my favorte now.

There are many more ineractions now, I like that so much!!

Greetings Mark, great work!


Hey Mark, fantastic my friend, love to see the whole evolution and developing on the civilization on your image :smiley: cool!! The kid following the alien is a nice touch :slight_smile: The addition of the flying ships is a clever touch, great. Like a lot the great and fun design on the stairs for the city. The expressions on your characters tell a lot and is a pleasure explore their feelings and sensations. Great and awesome work my friend, your work simply rocks!! :buttrock: ( I want this in a poster !! :D) Cheers buddy!! :beer:


Thank you Jerome. Yep, adding a few spaceships also allows for bit more variation too :slight_smile:

Hey thanks. More aliens are coming…

Yes, they are very sensitive about their appearance, those guys

Thanks Linda. I must admit that finding the things I’ve drawn in it is becoming more and more difficult even for me, now. The complete image is starting to look quite busy

Thanks Martin. I always thought dogs were funny. They see everyone as either a semi-dog or a real dog. I’m tempted to add more dogs to this scene

Yeah, the file is big. And that means I’ve set a limit on how small I can draw the details - I’ve set a goal that says everything has to be visible when printed on A4. But personally I want to print it on A3 or larger and put it on my wall.

As for how to best colour an image with linework on it, well I’m reluctant to stress my workflow over anyone else’s because someone out there is bound to use a smarter method than mine. But I’ll post a mini tut to show my workflow.

I’ll stress again that this is just the way I work and I’m reluctant to urge anyone to work larger if it turns out to be unnecessary

Thank you so much buddy! As always your support is very much appreciated


Here’s how I colour my work without getting halos or white gaps between the colour and the lines. I want to stress though, that there are probably much smarter methods than this one out there and a fault with this method is that it involves working on a pretty big file

  • Mark


Here’s how it’s looking at the moment. Despite the fact that I’ve degraded it heavily to squeeze it into the 150k file limit, it shows the overall look (and complexity) of the image. My concern is that the image does not become so busy that it starts looking messy

  • Mark


Hi Mark, I think you can stop adding more now. It looks great already. Overall, I feel that the colour scheme is too similar, it is becomes quite flat. When I went to search for similar style online like Where’s Wally, I noticed that in some of those works, they have strong areas of varied colours that helps to guide the eyes around the picture. I am not sure how you can apply the same concept here, but maybe the background/sky area can be made more bluish to separate it from the foreground landscape. The bottom area of the artwork can be made gradually darker so that the eyes can focus on the centre more comfortably. Just a suggestion but this is a different kind of art style so I am not the expert on that. I like it already! Great work, Mark!


This is just great! I love all the funky details you put into it - lovely!
I also agree with jeromoo, perhaps some contrasting areas could make it easier to read from a distance. You got some really nice elliptic movement in the building areas, maybe they could be enhanced to help guiding the eye by darken or colorseparate them. either way - this is something I’d like to hang on the wall and just exploring. Crazy-cute stuff :slight_smile:


Hey Mark Thanks for the method! havinf the expand comand as an action is a good idea, other wise it could be too repetitive. I use the bucket set in ‘all layers’ with some high tolerance setting if my line is sharp and clean enough, and have a huge action that duplicates the final color layer, displaces it a bit in 8 directions and merges it all back to one, but not always works well.

I like the general loook so much! I don’t thin it will look messy at all. as long as you keep balance in all areas you’ll be O.K. If I squint the zone that pops up the most is the far left dark wall, the one with the clothesline. it’s a big area where not much goes on, maybe you could add a ramp or a balcony in the middle to break it’s continuity. but it’s no big deal at all.


lol mate that is unique indeed keep going I really love it so far


I got no words, my friend but praise and congrats! You really got a unique style!
I love the introduction of those lovely purple backgrounds and blue shades throughout
the scene, it really cools off the mood, enough to not overwhelm it, but liven it up!
I definitely agree with Gunilla about the idea of wallpaper, both for kids and grown-up kids!
I would absolutely placed my order the same day! You name the price!


Hey Mark, really cool tip on your workflow , thanks for share ir :smiley: Your image is looking really great and is a pleasure to eplore it and found new characters and details ! great :thumbsup: Perhaps a flying ship on first plane entering to the city on the upper right corner, that can be puts a scale reference and a bit deep on your image, only a comment :slight_smile: And again, I want your illustration in a poster format to hang it on my wall!! :smiley: Cheers my friend! :beer:


I like it very very very much ! really fresh submission.
i think jeromoo is right when he talks about something which could give an additionall contrast ( mood) to the image. i don’t know exactly what to do , but it’s a feeling that it is a bit flat.
now that you got all the elements right in place perhaps you can just focus on contrasts and colours .



Mark you’re really great and the wholeaome pic looks so big…:bounce:its pur fun to watch and follow your “alien relay’s”…keep em goin’ as long as its posterized at last!
Cheers and good luck! :thumbsup:
I’ll watch your steps Mr. …:wavey:


excellent ! lot of things to watch !


Precious tip, Mark, thanks for sharing ! And look at the development of this crazy piece ! :eek: Very, very good !

About of the contrast issue, maybe playing more with complementary colors between aliens and other elements… just my 2 cents.

Anyway, keep it up ! :thumbsup:


Thank you again Jerome. I think you are right about the colour scheme being too flat. I intended for it to look flat so that the aliens would stand out more, but after reading your comments I’m now realising I went too far. So I’ve been trying different variations of colours/tones/intensity in the environment and the version I ended up using is one where I’ve increased the colouring of the walls and made them more different from the colour of the pathways. I admit that the change is subtle. When I tried stronger and more different colours for the walls I didn’t like the overall look of it so maybe I’ll end up with a bit of a compromise. I’ll post a link to a new version (without the heavy JPG degradation) soon after this post

Thanks for your encouraging words. Your comments about the building areas, plus Jerome’s comments, got me thinking about what I could do to the environment and I have intensified the wall colouring a bit now. And I think it’s better for it. I tried different coloured walls, including different colours for each level but the result didn’t look good. Whether or not I’ve succeeded it has definitely been an interesting learning process.

Hey buddy, it’s always fun comparing tricks of the trade! Thanks for the info on how you work. My old copy of Photoshop is not working 100% properly since upgrading to the latest version of Mac OS X (Leopard). Of course they want me to keep buying upgrades to ensure compatibility, which I don’t want to do. So that is partly why I’ve settled on the method I’ve got - it seems to work fine on this computer.

Thanks for the observation about the left side wall standing out too much. You are right. So in beefing up the walls I held back a bit on that area and hopefully the balance is working a bit better now

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your support buddy :slight_smile:

Thanks for the cool idea about a spaceship on the upper right. That would be interesting. However I’m thinking I’ll stick with the current composition - I don’t want any one part of the image to draw too much attention. I’ll add, though, that I always appreciate your suggestions buddy

Thank you very much. I’ve enhanced the colouring of the walls a bit now, to emphasise the forms in the architecture and add a bit of strength to the overall image. Even though the change is small, I hope it looks better now

Thank you Peter. I appreciate that very much :slight_smile:

Hey Gilles. Thank you!

Thank you for a really good suggestion. A lot of the aliens’ colouring I have not really thought much about it. Well I’ve got some time so I will work on that