Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mark David


Always fun to come back and watch your creations over and over again! the overall color
scheme is very nice and make all aliens and humans stand out in a great way!
A lot to discover, and a lot to enjoy!
Keep up Mark!


I’m really please to look at a work like yours here! I don’t see often such a style, that’s the kind of picture I’de really love to have printed on a wall…just for the pleasure to look at all the scene it have :thumbsup:


hi Mark, just chiming in! what a fantastic piece of work you have here mate! the detail is just luscious!! the characters are superfantastic too, and I love the resolution you’re working in.
are you going to fully populate the whole space and make it really crowded? I hope so, I love
these mega detail images of yours. congrats!!!


Hi M. Just admiring your work man. A little suggestion: you’ve already desaturated the background which is good, you may wanna try adding a blueish tint too. Just an idea…
Another thing, have you thought of a “global theme” for this city? Having a common denominator for all the characters would be extra fun IMO.

Can’t wait to see the next batch of aliens. Take care bro.


I’m loving the full view, it’s really busy but in a good way. I’m like the kid opening a box of choclates and wondering which one to sample first :smiley: Great work Mark!


Cute little town. Wonder how will this will turn out ^^


go go go bro! :bounce:


Thank you David. I appreciate that a lot. I hope you like it when it’s finished

Thanks buddy. I’ve always struggled with colour. And pretty much everything else too. Hahaha. So I’m glad you like the colours. As you see the colour is also a work in progress. I’ve been playing with the background some more

Thank you for your kind words Christophe :slight_smile:

Hey buddy, thank you. It’s always a treat to see your delightful animated avatars around here. Yep, with a few weeks to go I have every intention of making it crowded. It would be brilliant to see a Shakes entry in this challenge but I fully understand how little time you can spare these days

Thank you. I totally agree with your idea to tint the background towards blue. In my next update (after this post) I’ll show you how that’s progressing. Thanks for your support and feedback buddy

Thanks mate! I want it to get even more detail so I think my main challenge will be to make sure I don’t make it too busy. These things are always a big experiment for me so I’m going to be finding out for myself how well it will work

Thank you. Much appreciated. I’ll be honest with you - I’m also wondering how this will turn out

Thanks buddy! Yep, I’ll be taking this a whole lot further, I assure you


Here’s a bit more work done on the background. I’ve shifted the distant hills towards purple/blue


I’m able to maintain a lot of the image quality and keep everything under the 150kb limit if I upload these guys without the background. This isn’t all of them. And there are more on the way

  • Mark


Hey Mark, another great update! It is great seeing all of the characters you are able to add to your scene. :buttrock:

Matt :slight_smile:


Woaaaarfarf Ilarius :slight_smile: and so great. my prefered one : Octopus multi-Eyes, and liltle roswell (seems they walk and dance in the same time).




Very interesting, I like your work


Man very freakn nice concepts … love these aliens



Wow…that’s a beautiful piece.
It reminds me a lot of the mordillo jigsaws I used to do…yours would make a good theme for a jigsaw as well! I would definitely buy one…i looooove big jigsaws 2000++ :drool:

Really looking forward to see the final pic
although the progress is really interesting as well :beer:

there are two aliens i would love to see:

  • alien-waldo :smiley:
  • alien who walks up side down underneath the floor

Like the blue mountains and love the trolley!

Cheers H.2.O


You have not lost touch.Luvved your entries in Eon.Best of luck.


This is such a fun image. One of my favourites.


Great progress mark, you’ve got the colour balence looking great now, as always looking forward to your progress.


Hi Mark,
background looks better now. :thumbsup:

I really love all those aliens. My personal favourite are the two “Bigfoot” they make me smile every time I look at them.

Great work.:bowdown:



Hey. :slight_smile: You sure have made a strange and funny entry this time. Those aliens look fabulous :cool: