Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mark David



you’ve got a whole Dali/Escher/bosch thing going on! like it :slight_smile:


Hey Mark this is coming up nicely!
Will you stay in 2D or are you planning to do 3D as well?
You could enter the Animation category and do some massive simulation ^^

I’m looking forward to see this setting populated with your creatures


Hey thanks buddy. Great to see you. I’ll drop by to see what you’re up to in a moment…

Hey thanks matey. Thanks for your excellent suggestion about the background colours too. I’ve put in some adjustment layers over those bits and have now tried a few options

Thanks buddy. Yep, I’ll keep going

Yep, I’ll be filling the scene with as many humans and aliens as I can in the time I have left

Hey thanks Gunilla. I’m glad you picked up on my efforts to get things like that balloon right. I’m sure by now you’ve confirmed my calculations with your own. Here’s what I used:

Pretty obvious really. Of course I applied equally rigorous calculations to all the other posts and supports

Thanks mate. It’s nice to know I’ve got enough time to work on the aliens now

Hey thank you. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy. I won’t be doing anything in 3D this time. I love the thought of that massive simulation


Finally a start on the aliens and humans. The humans will all be the same size (small) and the aliens - well they’ll all be different

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Man it’s hard to get rid of the smile on my face now. This is marvelous. Those aliens are so funny. :applause:

Absolutely great work.



awwww Mark this is adorable so far, I have never seen your 2d work so this is a treat for me to see it progress. :slight_smile:


This is fantastic Mark, a real treat to watch things progress. Your character design is supurbe!


great stuff dude



They’re here! Awesome. This update probably was the most anticipated post in the challenge, and it’s been worth waiting for it!


This brings back childhood memories! :smiley: I love to draw things like that when I was in primary school! :smiley:


man, your 3d work is always soo great. shame that you aint doing it that way by hey cant wait to see what you do come up with.


I just can’t tell you how much I enjoy looking at how your pictures coming along Mark. It brings the adolescent out of me. It’s bright, fun and really well realised. I really look forward to coming back and seeing it through to the end :slight_smile:


Hey thanks Torsten. That means a lot to me buddy. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey Linda, thank you. Yeah, I enjoy 3D but it’s been great fun to drop a D this time around

Thank you. I appreciate that a lot

Hey thanks! :slight_smile:

You really are very kind. Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah I admit that I used to draw stuff like this when I was in primary school too! It’s fun to just do it all over again, but this time with a graphics tablet and computer :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for the kind words. Yeah, I enjoy the 3D but I really wanted to leave the heavy thinking behind and just draw pictures again. I’m still a bit worn out by a bunch of big 3D jobs. But maybe next time…

Thank you for the very kind words. I appreciate that a lot :slight_smile:


Still drawing aliens. Here’s an update


This scene is going to get pretty crowded. There’s a whole lot more aliens to come

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Just WOW! :thumbsup:
Hope you’re going to post the final image big enough that it can be fully appreciated as a whole.


Add more!!! When you finish with it, give us a list of treasure hunt objects: Find a three eyed alien with a lollipop; a green alien with a fishbowl, et cetera, et cetera, like those Where’s Wally books! I want an artwork that I can truly immerse myself in! :smiley:

Your style is truly special here! I love it!


Hi, Mark! 2D, huh? I can’t imagine why you’re not doing this in 3D this time around! …I jest. I remember you had problems just doing your spaceship in 3D and that was relatively small. You’d need to cut this into a hundred pieces to do it in 3D with your set-up. Too bad, though, it would look great. Not that it doesn’t now. Love the details,and it really looks like you’re going to be cruising along.

I can’t help wondering how the entire background would look with a subtle vertical gradient applied to it, so that the top and bottom were slightly different colors (or hues or saturations.) It might help emphasize the heigh differences between the levels while it could remain subtle enough to not interfere with the character art… anyhow, just an idea. Good luck!



This is turning out to be amazing! I adore the jello alien on the side of the wall. Too cool!


my favorite is the purple bear with the blue dude on his back! ace!