Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mark David


Here’s a bit of detail to show the beginnings of a colour scheme for the scene. Of course, as soon as the scene is done I can start populating it.

The different surfaces are on different layers - for example, the horizontal floor surfaces are all one layer, and the walls are another layer. So I’ll be able to tweak them later if I want to


… and here’s how much I’ve done so far…

  • Mark


Very cool idea and style. There’s a whole bunch of fun things to look at. Very cool mdavid :slight_smile:


Mark this is progressing so cool. It is really awesome… i find myself wishing to wonder around searching for a property to purchase…i’ll open up a bar and call “Marley’s” hahaha…where i wiill be serving delicious foods and have a cinema next to it :D.


ow any way fantastic, i feel this one is special already!



Mark, that city is looking amazing.


cute aliens and cute town… and funny…
really looking forward to see this image “grow”… :slight_smile:


Love what you’re doing, there’s a great sense of fun about it all too. Good luck!


Looking good Mark. I think that painting something like that would drive me a little crazy!
Oh btw, my husband walked passed the Mac a few moments ago and saw the city, I showed him your aliens and he thinks that it is awesome. So thumbs up from the general public as well. :scream:


Great layout…

I like it very much…
Want to see it finished.

Good luck.



More and more wonderful, it would make a great poster, or even a wall painting, one could spend hours looking at it.:thumbsup:


Hey Mark, great scenario for the alien fest :D, I love the all intricades roads and floors on your image, really cool !! ( and love the holes for plants and palms, cool touch!! :D) I think that colour can be work really well for your image and you have a lot of room for contrast when you work with the aliens and humans on the city. Really great work Mark ! Cheers my friend!! :beer:


Hey thank you Drew. Once the crowd of aliens fills the scene there should be a lot more to look at

Thanks Marley. I’ve always liked the idea of illustrating scenes which allow the eye to ‘navigate’ from one part to another. I’m really glad that seems to be happening for you. I love the idea of a bar called ‘Marley’s’ in there too … got me thinking…

Thanks Michael. Much appreciated

Hey thanks Mona :slight_smile:

Thanks Bill. I appreciate that a lot

Hey thank you Bronwen. Yeah, I suppose at times it drives me a little bit crazy too but then having so much time to do one illustration takes all the pressure off, and that turns it into a much more enjoyable process. And best wishes to you for the big day too.

Thank you very much. Every illustration is something of an experiment so I must admit that I’m keen to see it finished too! I’m really glad you like the layout

Hey thanks buddy. When it’s all finished I might get it printed nice and big on photographic paper and put it on my wall. Well, I keep meaning to do that with all my challenge entries. One day I will get around to it

Many thanks buddy. You have totally picked up on my strategy for the colouring. I have kept it very monotone because I really do want the aliens and humans to stand out. My untested theory is, their contrast with the scene’s colouring might even make them look a little bit more alien too


Another day, another pathway to another platform. But I’ve finally finished the colouring of the main scene now. And once again I’ll post a bit more of close-up so you have a better idea of how it looks right across the scene


Here’s how it looks at 25% resolution. Or at least, the enlarged version you see when you click on it is 25% resolution.

The flattened version of the entire scene is a bit under 93 Mb, and of course I’ll be using that flattened version to pile the aliens onto from now on. Considering that the image size is 7635 x 5580 px and containing very few flat colours, that isn’t so bad.

Of course I’ll now start populating this scene with humans and aliens.

I’ve deliberately kept the colouring of this setting very limited because as complicated as all those pathways and platforms are, I don’t want them to dominate the appearance of the image. Instead, the aliens will be brightly coloured. At least that’s the plan anyway.

However, just in case my strategy turns out to be wrong, I’ve kept layered copies of the scene files so I can easily make changes to the colouring later

To stop file sizes from going up too much while I add the aliens, I’ll now chop the scene into bits and work on one bit at a time

  • Mark


nice to have you back mate. great concept. ill be stalking you like usual.


Genious design Mark! That’s absolutely fun to watch!
I like especially those weight-support poles and parasols which add a lot to the whole design!
As a personal note, I would go for a slight color separation between the city and the
background hills, but again, that’s only my point of view!
Can’t wait to see the alien crowd and humans in your city!


keep going my friend :thumbsup:


remember me italian draws “mordillo”, your going to put habitants there?


Looking real good, Mark! I love it how you always keep attention to the technical aspects - as the baloons holding up the pathways. No room for inaccuracys here!
You’re doing splendidly so far.


Simply amazing. The final image will be so much fun to watch. :buttrock: