Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mark David


Hey Mark sweet characters design! Good luck in the challenge. :smiley:

Matt :slight_smile:


lol as always …the Funniest thread ever keep going my friend :thumbsup:


Hey thank you buddy. I’m very flattered to think you were reminded of Mordillo. When I was a kid I had Mordillo’s posters on my wall.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy. I’m really glad to see you in this one as well

Yeah, I can have a whole lot of stuff going in my scene now. I’m looking forward to it

Thanks mate. There will be more aliens than just those ones of course

Thanks mate. Yep, they’re all going in, plus several more

Thanks Linda. More aliens are coming…

Thank you Gunilla. That’s a fun idea with the wallpaper

Many thanks Bronwen. I’m able to show the first sketches of the background after this post

Hey thanks Dan. That flounder-like fellow will be sticking on the sides of walls too. Not many places he can’t go. By the way, it’s great to see you in this challenge

Hey thank you buddy. I’ll make sure that number 15 guy gets a prominent part in the scene :slight_smile:

Thank you Matt. I really appreciate that :slight_smile:

Hey thanks Tony :slight_smile:


I’ve started drawing the setting for the aliens (and humans). It’s nice to just chill out with a large sheet of paper and just draw with a pencil - something I haven’t done in a while. I guess the most alien part about the place is that they don’t much believe in safety rails

  • Mark


Awesome! This would make a excellent “Where’s Wally?” illustration. I’d certainly pay for it.


I think you’ll find wally at the bar having a klingon rachtecheno/sp? never could spell that.

but gaea has a point that your illustrations also take me right back to my youth with the wheres wally books etc.

Great work…

Love the sad lookin ‘flower’ alien



Wow, I really love the style. :bounce:



tnx dud i will do my best:thumbsup::bounce:


Looking good! I can’t wait for it to be finished so that I can spend hours looking at all the little aliens.


Hey thank you. I really appreciate those kind words

Thanks Marley. Yeah, I’m sure the bar there is very well known to Klingons. Maybe that’s what I should call this image: ‘Where’s Worf?’

Thanks Torsten :slight_smile:


Thank you. The plan is for the background to be fairly uniformly coloured so the aliens will stand out clearly against it. In the post after this one I’ll be showing the beginning of the colouring


I’m about to colour the background setting and I thought I’d show the colours. I’ll be using a fairly uniform colour scheme which should hopefully let the aliens (and humans) show up easily


… and here’s a closer view. This is at about 30% resolution

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Looking good, Mark.
That zoom in is only 30%, how big is the canvas size, and doesn’t your PC cringe at working so big??? :eek:


:eek: this is so far out!! way out man!!:eek: :bounce: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: so much personality and detail, love the alien designs a lot! this challenge really is bringing out more of your creative talent and humour … in short … the best! can’t wait to see your work in all its splendour!
good luck bro! :thumbsup:


Charming environment - could I have a flat in the top floor, please?
Are you still working on paper or have you brought it into the PC yet? It looks so, but the jaggedy lines gives it a nice handdrawn look, cool.



Yeah I am working on a pretty big file. Canvas size is 7635 x 5580 pixels! But it doesn’t slow down my computer because I keep my layers on separate files and flatten as soon as is practical.

I know that’s a big size to work in but there are few reasons why I’ve cranked things up to that scale:

1 - the large size suits the way I like to draw on my tablet
2 - the high resolution helps me with things like colouring (I can select an area that encroaches underneath the black outlines)
3 - and it means that when I’ve finished I’ll be able to get the image printed on a large sheet of photographic paper to stick on my wall!

Hey thanks buddy. That is really nice of you :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy. Yep, I’ll reserve one of the top-floor flats for you - you’ll find it has excellent sweeping views of the purple forests.

This is all done in the computer now. The original sketch was on paper but now I’ve traced the linework in Photoshop and the colouring is 100% Photoshop too. I actually had to trace it in Photoshop twice because the first time the lines appeared too smooth, when I wanted a rougher, more-wobbly look

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That’s perfectly, wonderfully crazy. Can’t wait to see it populated. :thumbsup:


I hereby order one for my wall, too. Oh, and you could also do a bed-cover. Kids would love it.



Great progress Mark, i realy like the style you’ve chosen for your image.


Thanks guys for the nice comments. Progress is a bit slow at the moment but I’ll post an update to give an idea of where it’s heading …