Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mark David


so, where is waldo?


Always great to see those detailed crops, where we can really enjoy your “powerlines”!
One thing I have noticed, and liked a lot, is the sense of “laidback and relaxed” attitude
Of one or several characters in your scenes, amidst all the complexity and action going on
in there!
The cool guy, siting on the bench here, those forgs in EON, the ghost hippienaut, these
relaxed guys are everywhere! Hehe, I get the feeling it’s a pseudo form of the author himself
appearing and reappearing here and there, leaning back, sipping some exotic drink, and
“observe” the fuss going on around him, in his own scenes, very calmly!
Whether I’m right or wrong, it’s a great watermark for your creations, don’t stop with that!


Mark, this is totally awesome!. i don’t quite know how to explain this. but this has been done with the fun light hearted and child like aesthetic (as in ‘where’s wally’ etc)…but you know it takes incredible skill to actually achieve this…there isn’t a spot that has been left untreated…Seeing the 20% detail was just a sight to behold!..Love the lil goldfish under the unbrella, he seems to have it nicley!.

all characters look to belong to where they are, they don’t look cut nor pasted nor do they look to hover!..

Unreal effort mark…Loved your eon, but this one is special!

Take care, mark



I’ll just quote Marley in full, Mark. This is a piece I could happily lose myself into, exploring every nook and cranny of the town and then sitting in a quiet spot for a chat with some citizens.

It would be wonderful as a big-sized poster and absolutely crazy as jigsaw puzzle.:drool:


awwww Mark this is to adorable for words :slight_smile: I agree with above comments, I would love to have a full sized poster of this to just sit and look and find something new everytime.


Thank you Jerome. Your encouragement and superb advice helped me a lot, as I know you have helped many others during this challenge

Yep, I half expect to see Waldo in there myself sometimes!

Thank you so much Mathias. You are very kind. I wish I could be that relaxed character you describe but in fact my newspaper work is quite stressful. Perhaps you’re seeing in the drawings the person I would like to be! But yes, I’ve always enjoyed drawing “laidback and relaxed” poses in my characters

LightSovereign and Thaldir
Hey Marley and Tiziano, thank you my friends. I suppose it is pretty clear that my goal in art is quite different to that of many. For me, the sense of strange wonder which children experience every day (and which adults sometimes suppress) is what always steers my work and sometimes, for me anyway, I have to forgo all efforts at realism and technical issues to pursue it. So your kind words mean a lot to me. I’ll add that it’s also so much better to go through these challenges alongside gifted artists like yourselves who also pursue the magic and wonder to be expressed in art

Thank you very much Linda :slight_smile:


I missed the final entry :cry: it looks cool mate …and what can I say after what all the Folks here said I must add ur ideas are always amazing belive me when I say I always wait for your entry every challenge :beer: good luck in the judging process


OK That’s so Kuhl! :smiley: Love the details :wink: I did not know there was this style in here! I like it so much! Congratulations in bringing something sweet to the life of human art! :thumbsup:I wish the very best:applause:


Hey Mark. Congratulations with the finished piece.

Like I told you a long time ago I really like your 2d style a lot! This kind of art is greatly underestimated in my mind.

Looks easy to do compared with the heavy rendered fantasy style that is popular these days. But it requires more focus on layout, composition and not least funny lines.

Making a funny unique creature with so few lines it not easy. Actually I think it is a gift some few people have.

I miss these challenges and the friends I have made trough them. But I`m no energizer bunny any more. :sad:
Got to save a little bit of spark for home and family to.

   Anyway great job! My only comment is that I would like more of those great little guys!:)

Sorry I haven’t been there this time. Hope I can find the time to join you next time buddy.



loads of luck :smiley:



Hey Mark,

Thanks for letting us peek into your universe.
Your final caption is hilarious too and all of it shows it’s professional work.
Very clean stuff imho

I love the pooches and carpet people among others, so many great little toon characters.
Yup this would make a wonderful poster :surprised


Hi MArk!!!
Been missing you guys.Just a liitle fly by as most things are already said and done.
Wowww man, I’ve been hypnotised a little while staring and traveling my eyes on your pic.
Just LOVE it!!!All this little creatures, the style, the humor everything.
Congratz on a great finish and all the luck and best to you MArk!



Well done, Mark. This looked great the last time that I looked in and it still looks great. Such a fun place to drop in for a stroll. All the best to you.



the best
Thank you so much :slight_smile: Obviously I don’t enter these challenges hoping to be noticed by the judges - for me it is really about improving my art and learning and meeting a lot of cool people. And the fun, definitely. I can’t stress enough how much I’ve learned here, so I really appreciate the support I’ve been getting from people like yourself

Thank you for such kind words. I admit my style is a bit unusual here but this forum seems to be very accepting of all sorts of styles so I keep coming back

Hey Per buddy, it’s always a treat for me to see you dropping by my threads. Thank you for your generous comments. It’s a shame you have been too busy for this challenge - I miss the unique brilliance you bring to these things - but very understandable too. We all have busy times in our lives and have to set priorities. By the way, I’ve just been looking at Drøbak via Google Earth, also looking at the pictures uploaded by other Google Earth users, and you sure do live in a beautiful place

Thank you very much. I’ve really appreciated your support

Thank you very much. That is very kind of you and I really appreciate it

Hey buddy, thank you very much. Like always it’s been fun doing this challenge. I’m really happy to think you like the work

Thank you very much. I appreciate your kind words very much :slight_smile:


I love it! So refreshing and fun!


Thank you very much. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this illustration


Hey Mark, and when you realease the big poster version? :smiley: ( think 5 feets x 3 feets is a nice size for my room :D) Cheers!! :beer:


Hey Mark, those high-res crops are great. The guy on the bank looks so relaxing. :cool:

Thanks for your ongoing support throughout this challenge. Hope to see you in the next one. :beer:



Hello Again Mark.

 Thank you right back friend! It’s been a treat to follow your great challenge treads since “The Journey Begins”.

Really great to se how you have progressed in your 3d work and to see you end up where you started doing wonderfull funny lines on paper.

Nice to have you visiting Drøbak even if it is only trough Google. It’s a real nice little Artist town with lots of painters and sculptors living or having lived here. Sometimes I slip on my French Beret and mingle with the art crowd. Making sure not to mention I do commercial art, cartoons and 3d of curse. I live in one of those old white houses (built in 1790) in the centre of town. Really hope you stop by when you are in the neighbourhood. If a tall handsome Australian gentleman driving a really wacky car, show’s up In Drøbak
. I’ll know it’s you.:slight_smile:

 Really hope I have time for the next challenge. It’s been a real long time since I last did some drawings just fore my self and for fun. Still it is great to make a living of my hobby. My Father would have never be lived it.:)



nice to see your unusual work again. Soo enjoy and keep laughing =)