Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mark David


Hi Mdavid,
Wow, so many character in your image, I like all your character, but there is one that little odd, the alien with very big foot, i think the foot too big. Very nice Art, truly talented 2D artist. Good Luck:beer:

Uplift Universe


Many thanks buddy. I’ve just had an enjoyable time looking over some of Moebius’s artworks. Thanks for the suggestion

Thank you :slight_smile: I like to think of my aliens (and humans) as being friendly too

Thanks Gunilla. Yes, a high standard of engineering is very important to me. And if that means a drainage pipe has to go indoors for a few meters then that’s a small price to pay :wink:

I’m glad you like the small colour shift too. Your comment about the curves in the architecture was very helpful there. Thanks for the very nice suggestion of animating the scene too. If I never need a project to keep me busy then I’m pretty sure that would do nicely :wink:

As for the bigfoots, I hope I haven’t disappointed you, because I have now changed them a bit. They still have those big feet, but their legs have changed. I couldn’t think of why an animal could have such thick legs with those big feet and so now they have become a creature a bit more like waterbirds with big feet but thin legs. Somehow they look a bit more logical now. I can imagine them jumping around on fragile soils or water-lilies back home

Thank you so much Mathias for your very kind comments. This illustration has been a fun opportunity to just play with drawing. Like I did when I was a kid

Hey Jeff, great to hear from you buddy. That is very kind of you :slight_smile:

Hey Neville, thanks buddy. It’s always great to have your company around here! More details (but not very much more) on the way

Thanks buddy. I will post a link to a high res when it’s done. Definitely

Thank you very much! I was wondering about that shark. Well he definitely stays now! Thank you for your kind words

Thank you very much for your thoughts and very kind words. I really appreciate them. Your comment about the bigfoot was something that got me thinking and so now I have changed those guys. They still have the big feet, but their legs have changed. I hope that has improved them - they are now more like waterbirds with giant feet for walking over water lilies and I think it is better now


Not much new here. I’m spending more time making small adjustments rather than adding much more detail.

I kept being bothered by the big-foot dudes and a comment from JoPu prompted me to change them a bit. Here’s the change, along with a few new bits. I think it’s getting pretty close to final now

  • Mark


its find waldo! alien edition! hahah awesome job here man no crits.


Yup! the bigfoot guy is a lot better now.


Oh yes! Bigfoot is much better now :slight_smile:


Hey Mark, agree, the bigfoot aliens look really great with that change, and I love your vehicles, simply amazing !! Great work my friend !! Cheers :beer:


The dino-dog-bigfoots went under the surgeons knife.
Not happy with their giant ankles i guess they can walk now in huge lofty bounding steps haha, man poor dudes must’ve struggled to shuffle along before


Hey thanks buddy! Much appreciated

Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad I changed that bigfoot :slight_smile:

Thanks Martin. I’m glad you think it’s better now

Hey buddy, thanks so much for your kind words

Yep Dan, I can’t imagine how they would have walked at all the way I had them


No one in town expected to be visited by aliens. In fact, half of the residents didn’t believe in them.

Until one day, someone published an invitation on the internet


Okay, I’m going final …


Because of the complexity of the image I’ve had to degrade it heavily to squeeze it under the 150k limit. So to give you a better idea how it looks I’ve put a much cleaner version online, at 20% resolution, here (595k).

This is my fourth cg challenge and my first 2D entry.

I never know how my stuff will turn out when I enter these things, mainly because the feedback changes the way I think and do things. A lot. So I’m mighty grateful for the comments/feedback/encouragement/suggestions you folks provide.

There is always an amazing amount of talent and skills on show in these challenges. So it’s more than likely that if you suggested something and I didn’t carry it out then it’s because I’m still learning.

My sincere thanks to everyone who dropped by this thread, either for a look or to leave a comment

  • Mark


well done Mark, another superbly detailed extravaganza! your threads are lots of fun.love the story too-very funny and timely. congrats mate!


You finished already, and I haven’t even started, yet!
Incredible Imagination and excellent skills!
A true “Mark David original”! I smell some serious award this time!
Ps. I finally found my favorite character, it’s the author himself!


Awww man I can look at this for hours! I’d love to have this painted all across my bedroom wall and just stare at it when I’m bored… yeh I need to grow up lol


nookienick - No you, just have to have a kid! Then you can indulge in buying toys, getting fun murals, going to animated “kids” films, all sorts of silly things that you can justify by saying, “It’s for the kid!” (yeah, right!)

Mark - This is wonderful! Thanks for posting the larger image, it’s great seeing all of it together in one piece! The details are terrific! I wonder why no one is sitting in that rocking chair on that ledge, it looks perfectly safe… :curious:

There’s one little thing that’s bugging me that I never noticed before. (And that’s not surprising: There are so many details that you could look at this for a long time and keep discovering things.) The guy in the upper left quadrant, red pants and green and white striped shirt, is the exact twin of the guy in the dead center at teh same level, red pants and blue and white striped shirt. They’re the exact same aside from the stripe colors. That bothers me: With so many unique, different things going on all over the place, the one (well, two) cut-and-pasted characters really sticking out as a cheat. But for all I know you’ve done the same thing tons of other palces and I just didn’t catch them. But hey, you’ve got 15 days left to redraw one of those guys! :slight_smile:

Nice work!


congratulations bro!! :bounce: :scream: yup yup … this is definitely a mark david original!! :smiley: u rock man! :buttrock:


Congrats :slight_smile: One of the most unique and funny entries I’ve seen so far :bounce:


Great work, Mark - congrats big time!
This is still my dream-wallpaper to have, beside the bed or maybe in the bathroom… so many details to discover. I’ve been staring for it for a long time now trying to figure out who or what I like the most, but there are so many crazy types to choose among.
I think you made the right adjustment for the bigfoots too, they where kind of sticking out before. And with that brilliant logic behind their anatomy I can only bow before such scientific insight.
As always a pleasure to follow your work and you thread, hope to see you in many more challenges to come :slight_smile:


Excellent Mark !
Is it possible to have a bigger image to see the details better.
And sorry, I didn’t find Charly…