Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Mark David


A small number of new details. This time I’m showing it at 50% resolution. I’ll post a link to the whole image (at low resolution, but without the image degradation) right after this …


… And here’s a link to where you can see it without the image degradation (312Kb)


Great details, Mark! I especially love the little worm-shaped alien in his little worm-shaped spaceship. Liked the details on your process, too. I have an action just like that myself, expand 3 pixels and fill with foreground color, I use it all the time.

Anyhow, only crit I can think of at this point is maybe varying the materials a bit. Everything is painted with a similar matte material and it might be nice to choose a few metail things (like the aforemetioned spacehsip) and give them some sharper speculart lights to make them a bit shinier and more metallic. Anyhow, just an idea. Looking great overall, though!


Great update Mark, i realy like the little pack of dogs, and the goldfish is classic.


Wonderfully entertaining pic Mark. Very good. I would agree abt varying the textures/materials, but it has to be in Your eye for this other ‘feel’ to the pic. Great job overall


I follow this thread every time i’m in…we’re at home LOVING IT :iTS TRUELY one of our favourites!!
Keep em goin’ Mark:applause:


Hey Mark, great details!! Love to see your image, again and again!! a great joy !! The fish is simply a incredible cool touch :smiley: and the dogs!! great!!. Awesome work Mark!! Cheers my friend! :beer:


Thank you Mike. Your suggestions are consistently thoughtful and helpful and I really appreciate them, especially knowing how busy you’ve been lately. You are right about the lack of variation in materials/specular so I’ve now got a new specular layer and have had an enjoyable time adding some harder-edged specular highlights to many of the materials

Thank you! I was happy about the pack of dogs too, but I’ve now made their outlines a bit thicker to more closely match the look of the linework throughout the image

Thank you! I appreciate your kind words/feedback

Thank you very much. That is very kind of you to say that :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy. I think it’s getting pretty close to going final now. I’ll post a few details from the image after this post


Here’s a detail of how it’s looking since I made the walls a deeper colour. This is seen at 25% resolution. I’ll post a few more details from the scene. I’m thinking it’s getting pretty to finished now


A screen-grab of the next bit of foreground. I’m still needing to degrade the image quite a lot, even at this size but it’s close enough to get a good idea


The next section of foreground


And the last screen grab for today, a chunk taken out of the middle, also at 25% resolution. From here I’ll be looking some more at materials/specular highlights because I think I can go further while still keeping the watercolour look about it

  • Mark


Hey Mark, again enjoying your great illustration :smiley: hahahahah the flower aliens!! cool!! love them!! :thumbsup: Now you’re starting the details of the specular and lighting details, I think it´s a good idea to take a look on some Moebius works, maybe that be useful and for sure inspirational :slight_smile: ( the palette that you are using reminds me some palettes used by Moebius on his cartoons, cool!) Again, incredible work my friend!


Excellent developement. Your small characters are sooo funny :slight_smile:


First: I’m glad to see you have thought about such important stuff as a good sewer system and piping - from the look of it we could never guess your engineers are on vacation!

Second: Yes, that color shift makes all the difference as far as I can tell - just a tad bit more contrast to keep the different levels apart. Good work.

And so, all the details are just lovely - the flower heads made me giggle, could it be an hommage to your space pilot? :slight_smile:
The shark on wheels are a classic, and so are the bigfoots.
And now, if we could only see them animated… :wink:


Love every sinlge piece of detail in there, really tough to pick any individual to crown as
my fav, cause I see very cute characteristics within each one of them! You really ARE
brainstorming there, and it looks like you got a lot more in storage! Talking about an
imaginative brain! hehe!
Despite other comments/requests desiring to see it heading more towards 3d, or contrast
changes, I would personaly not changed it a bit, I think the coloration, If I may put it that
way, is “just right” right now, a watercolor wash, as you self refer to!

Good luck!


hey man what’s up! I love what you got so far, it says mark david all over it… I’m sure you’ll make another great one, can’t wait to see it done!


simply incredible bro!! … a month and a half … you’ve come this far with so much detail! my respects! :buttrock:

hehe … a lil smthin :stuck_out_tongue: … them aliens will be sayin ; wanna meet our creator?? … he’s name is mark :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I love those screen grabs Mark-each one could stand alone as an illustration! superb-Your characters are completely brilliant! and the high res was great but I’d love to see a link to a super high res when you’re up to it!


The pink shark with wheels is probably my favourite. Hard to choose…
I love the way you’ve given each character a different personallity.