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Latest Update: Final Image: Bigger-than-expected turnout


Welcome, Mark!

Really, really happy that you’ve decided to enter. Suscribed, of course.


Well, I’m in. Although I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish this time …

I won’t be working in 3D this time. Instead I’ll be dusting off the Wacom and pushing the pixels around the old-fashioned way - the 2D way.

Good luck to everyone taking part. I’m sure there will be no shortage of superb entries

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Hey buddy, you dropped by just before I hit the ‘submit reply’ button. Thank you for such a wonderful welcome. I’ll be joining you in the realms of 2D this time - something which I guarantee does not pose any threat to you at all!


cool. some Mdavid Pixel Slinging on ze wacom. Look forward to what you come up with, mate…best of luck and hope you discover something new on the journey!.



Yes, here he is. I am glad you entered. :thumbsup:

Looking forward to see some really cool concepts.

Good luck with the challenge.



Thanks matey! Much appreciated. Yet again I only have a vague idea what I’ll be doing, but that’s half the fun of entering these things

I appreciate that. Thanks buddy.

I guess now I’ve entered I’d better get started then…


A rare encounter with the elusive six-legged avian race on the planet Zort

Well okay. I can’t see this one making it through to the end, but it’s good to clear the head of any distracting ideas that might crop up.


yea, you have this natural ability of conveying a sense of humour…as in its funny but needs no sign telling everyone it is supposed to be funny, because i got a good laugh here…

The six legged duck from Zort i believe is quite exquisite this time of year :).

loving how the spots match his napkin



Hey Mark !
Welcome here nice to see you !
The idea is great !
Can’t wait to see it in 3D !


That is such a cute concept! I think that it is definately something to run with.
Good luck for the challenge.


He’s in, he’s in!!!


Haha, that’s a good starter. Can’t wait to see the entrée. :scream:


I’m here as well. Love to see what you can do with the old Wacom.


Mark, pal. I’m so glad to hear you’ll be in!! and in grorious 2d too!! !! !! Terrific news!
I can’t wait to see that happen. Hope you’ll find the time to finish and have a lot of fun.

Wacky first doodle by the way, I was wondering of how appropiate would be to make something funny for this one, but you make me feel better about it… Thanks.:smiley:


Thank you Marley. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hey, you’re in too eh? Well this is great news. Glad you like the idea. I figured I’d go 2D this time though, partly because I don’t have the time (or energy) for another 3D epic, but also because I thought it would be nice to work on my 2D skills a bit. Of course at this stage nothing is decided. A simple 3D scene like the one in that concept drawing would not be too scary. Although I’d be displaying my 3D chicken work in front of you, the true king of 3D chickens

Hey thank you Bronwen. You are very kind :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warm welcome buddy :slight_smile:

Hahaha Thanks mate!

Hey thank you. Yep, it will strange to be working in only 2 Ds. I’m still not decided of course

Hey thanks buddy. I think the cartonoist bit in me keeps trying to assert itself. But that’s not to say it’s going to win. I might go totally serious. Hahaha, yeah, right…

The hawk-eyed, and I guess even the legally-blind among you would have noticed that I’m not being 100% tied to a literal interpretation of Brin’s writing. That’s not because of any criticism of Brin’s writing though. I’ve read a bunch of his books and enjoyed them a lot. Back in the 1990s I read a lot of hard sci fi from Brin, Bear and Bedford. Not only did that provide hours of enjoyable reading but it came with the added benefit of not needing to walk further than the B selection of authors in the book shop. But now I’m talking too much. Time for another concept drawing…


Back on Earth this time. An advance party of alien diplomats embarks on a search for the Town Hall


Hey Mark, really glad to see you in this challenge my friend! :), and is great to see your work in the 2D land :smiley: that be a great entry in your unique an cool style. The first concepts are cool, and know you will be a experimenting a bit with your concepts. Good luck Mark and fore sure following the evolution on tour concept. Cheers my friend!! :beer:


Haha, great concepts man, I would love to see one of these fleshed out, keep it up!


Love that you are in this one. Your work always make me smile
and you always have the time to help me and others…

good luck to you :bounce: