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Latest Update: Work In Progress: born to be…3


I tried to just create a happy moment. Two different races seeking the same happiness or the same dream.
They can be a happy couple…or just the moment that someone wants a ride to arrive at the final point of the route.

sorry my english,


Looks like a lot of fun Marcos. Great start!


Hi there,

I like the feel of the concept, seems like a lot of fun and the potential for the subtle message you seem to want to give. No thoughts other than that at the moment. Good luck! =)


Hey marcos, neat idea here, maybe the insectiod biker guy could have some chaps for all those legs? hehe, i just noticed, is she squating on his abdomen? nice one, waiting for the updates.



cool concept! It’s a lot of fun too. I hope to see more updates soon :slight_smile:


Very funny indeed, love the idea of a alien H.O.G. (this stands for the Harley Owner Group association, just in case). It does look like a joy ride… :wink:


i thought i posted here. guess internet was acting up yesterday. great image. really cool stuff. hope you go with this one. plent of humor here.


GaeasHerald, Thank you!
Fetus23, Fetus great tip! I did not know the charp stuff, but this time I will not draw it
(for next uploud the truth about the abdomen) Thank you!
ChimaeraAbaddon, Thank you!
Pearlyking, Thank you!
harachte, Today I am learning more about the riders.
Will the H.G.O. accept the newest member? hehe! thank you!
Slav, thank you!


Hey Marcos, really cool concept and nice cartoon style on it, works very well :smiley: Good luck and looking forward for more updates! Cheers mate! :beer:


some concepts 1


concepts 2


OOhh ya, spider biker baddass! I love the latest set of concepts Marcos. Just curisous, are you planning on doing this up in 3d? The double handle bars is a great idea, maybe he needs special bugeye like rear view mirrors? Keep going!



Hey Marcos,

Thats an awesome concept you have there. It gives a whole new meaning to Hells Angels.LOL
Awesome man. Brad


Study for girl.

Fernando, Thank you!
Fetus23, thank you!
I just want to work with 2d. Not yet thought about the mirrors. I think it is important for motorbike’s design. Well, I’ll talk to someone with four eyes…:slight_smile:
sasquatch70, Thank you!



That’s Paul senior from American Chopper! Luvs it! The girl looks badass too. For me its the black leather jacket with the pink sexy top.
Keep it commin man!


your hilarious
these characters crack me up!
definately keep the 4 handlebars on the bike!


Hey Marcos,

Very cool work.
Muito legal cara :buttrock:


new concept for girl


I changed the angle of the camera and the original concept of the story.
I believe that the story will have better sense now.