Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Leon Chu


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Latest Update: Final Image: The Altar of Transcendence


Started out with alien landscape painting while I conceive the story and elements to place in the foreground.


Expand the canvas size and added foreground subjects to previous landscape. The red spots on lower right, resembles blood or lava, inspired me to this new composition - some sort of virgin sacrifice/ offering to alien god/creature.


Added basic coloring, details, and the alien drone.


Added more details and coloring.


Added more details to the background.


Very nice!


Rearranged the layout so the focal point is on the platform and the alien drone picking up the goods.
Need to fill in the background lava flow with this change.


In the far distant future, in a world ravaged by disaster and famine,
A wise man dress in dark cloak preaching salvation to remaining tribal bands of surviver. With promise of a better worlds beyond and demonstration of magical powers, organized the masses to build multiple stairways to heavens.- a towering altar where where the chosen will be uplifted to the clouds and transformed into angelic being. The selected are encased in cocoon like capsules, sedated, and hoisted to the alter to be transcend.

The changing atmosphere, eruption, accompanied by swirling clouds signaling the arrival of the Great One - mammoth organic spaceship descends from the cloud. Deploying hundreds of larvae like floating drones. Attracted and guided by specially encoded patterns of dotted lights, They locate and grab hold of the silver tub, snatch and merged with the body inside.

They are the galactic parasitic life form looking for hosts. By process of absorption, metamorphosis, and adaptation. Evolved intelligence and physical prowess to ensure the mutual survival of both species.


A strange entry indeed. In a good way. :slight_smile:


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