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After reading introduction of the challenge I realize two facts:

  1. this challenge is about civilized spieces
  2. those spieces interact or in other words live together.

So I asked myself a question: where individuals live and interact, particulaty in the future? Simple answer is: in cities. And when you live in city how do you make a living? Working I hear you say. And how do you get to work in busy city? Most of us by public transport. And I though, how great place would be a “bus” stop to show interacting individuals, directly or not. Such a great oportunity to show different spieces and their strugle with such an ordinary activity like getting a “bus” at 8:50 Monday morning.

I though its a great idea and so here we are. Btw, I decided to have my own subtitle: “Aliens merging”. Stay tuned :slight_smile:




General concept is confirmed - its going to be a morning scene in busy metro/airbus city stop, with people and aliens crowed. Details and perspective to be set up later.

Now lets do some character design. The first the girl. I want her to be sort of lady in red dress, but younger, possibly still in colleage and much futuristic. Also I will give her some funny equipment, like self light-umbrella. Here are very first clothes design and colour scheme for her.




What about a bit more sexapeal is she supposped to be the lady in red :wink:




keep going friend I like ur idea & the sketchs so far


Thanks thebest. Part of the exercise is to practise more digital drawing, so you can expect few more sketches happening here. Next one, rear shot I would say :wink:




Finalazing the girl look and feel :wink:




Close Up


Nice concept! I love the idea of the aliens and humans together on a bus. (Although she seems a bit happy to be on a bus. Generally everyone on the bus tends to just look pretty bored and avoid the gaze of everyone else on the bus. Or maybe that’s just my route?)

Her anatomy might be a bit off. Her shoulders look much wider than a normal human females (although maybe she grew up on a high gravity world?) and her head a bit small for her prodigious torso. Also, her neck looks a little off-center, or maybe it’s that the whole body is leaning to the left.

Just out of curiosity, why the halo? I’m sure you have a reason for it, I just don’t “get it” yet.

Anyhow, nice work, hope you don’t mind the comments. Good luck!


Thanks a lof Walrus for your comments and tips. Bwt, I remember your image/article in ImagineFx with orgs, nice stuff.

You might be quite right about anathomy. I must think more about direction for her. I want to mix into her of some high inteligentce (will use futuristic book to do so) and at the same time as much appeal as possible.

You are right, generally bus/metro stop at Monday morning is boring and sleepy, but I want to make her the focus, the girl, the lady in red. When she walks everything spins around her. And so aliens attension will do, I have here some ideas in a sleeve.

Originally hallo was going to be self illuminated umbrealla, so she can walk on the street and read a book when raining. I must work on details, particulaty how to show it from front shot. At the moment its there for lighting concept. Again, she will be the brighter character in the scene, the focal point.

Hopefully I will have time to finish this image, not much left though.

Thanks again,



Is it only my impression deadline for this competition is too tight or maybe I am the only person who has too much work? Anyway, time is running out and I will not have any to do some more concepts on characters design. Its time to move forward, so I did some more detailed sketch of image in my mind




Pushing forward. Worked out ab it of enviroment and did some shading, so the whole idea start to get shape, roughly.




Hey Krystian, really cool concept, like a lot your idea for the challenge, the sketches looks really nice!! :slight_smile: Good luck and looking forward for more updates!! Cheers mate! :beer:


Thanks Ferx, I hope I will have time to finish this image on time. I was recently extremly busy and time is flying so quickly.

In the latest session firsty I improved character setup. Move umbrella to other hand. That gave me opportunity to place the pet closer to fat, fishy guy. They might have some argue. Also I decided to drop another character behind girl to fill the space more and create impresion of business. I must work more on this guy, but had to be rather not introduce, since my main focus is on the girl. Also on the ramp in the background I am going to drop more freaky characters, sort od shillouetes as well as more detail is very far background Otherwise as you can see I introduced some colour. Good base to move forward.

As always any commnets are welcome, particulary at this stage.




Keeping pushing. Worked out background drop and colour scheme. I think its just the time to start some detailing.




oh I like the purple head on the front alien :slight_smile:


Thanks Ivy00. I started detailing from this guy. As you can see, I worked a bit more on him, I tried to introduce more fishy features. Keep moving :slight_smile:




Moving forward as you can see.




Details, details…




More updates…