Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Kenichi Nishida


great modeling, and very positive image :slight_smile:
nice work on your website too!


you’ve done great modeling…i thnik it needs more colors, but it’s my opinion…the alien is incredible and the composition is good. congratulations.


Models are perfect. I like composition, maybe her little finger on the left hand could be more visible. Anyway, great work :wink:


Great Work - great modeling
I like the pose of the female character. Very elegant expression in that image.


Thanks for the comment!
I know your works!! really beautiful!
glad to you words;)

congrats you too!
I like your green alien.
yeah,I think your opinion is right.I will get tectures for next challenge…

thanks again for the comment:)
yeah,her littel finger couldn’t see from light effects…her finger is bending the first joint.


Thank you for your kind words;)
glad to your word “elegant expression”.


Hi notec you notice the results are out?
You get my modeling award :stuck_out_tongue:
Better luck next time.



Hi Spin99,
Thank you for cheering me up! Appreciate your kind words.
I will try hader the next time!! I really must study more 3D skill…

thanks again!



this image is kind of what i told my friend if aliens wanted to eradicate us…we would be off this planet by now…and i luv this topic because theres alot going on on this planet of ours… nice work and congrats

check this out…strange…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KoR2t-iM9k


beautiful work my friend! I love this subject as well!


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