Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Kenichi Nishida


many thanks! your final image is really beautiful!!:thumbsup:Congratulations!

[/b]thanks to you!!:)

[/b]I really appreciate your kind words;)
I will not getting textures,and back ground is very simple.I like simple scenes:)

thank you!your work is really beautiful! great:thumbsup:

appreciate your kind words!thanks!
I like your work:)very interesting idea!
I want "zbrush".but zbrush is character award prize..

[/b]appreciate your advice and kind words:) many thanks!
I feel the same way.I really glad when seeing "smile" from whole image;)
Mmm..english really difficult... understood my english??

Thanks again!



i really like your sculpting skills as eveyrone has said so far…hehe

i hope you have time to finish it…いまいそかしですか?。。。

i really enjoyed you portfolio too…




beautiful progress so far! :thumbsup:


Wow. I love the elegence of the female. It contrasts so nicely with the cheeky playfullness of the anlien.

Great job. Lookin very promising. Cant wait to see more!


thanks for your kind words in Japanese;)
I lilke your portfolio too.Good japanese:cool:

yeah!thank you!!your works is really great skill.

appriceciate your comments;)
thank you!


Hi guys,
Thank you for visiting my post:)
The concept of my main is simplicity and beauty.I will lools like a painting image.

Two character staging in this scenes.beautiful female and really cute alien(a boy).
She had been not fearing him.far from it,she smiled.
and, he also seeing her with a kindly look(eyes).

thanks for reading my poor english:P


Hey Kenichi, this is beautiful work. Very artistic pose and girl’s anatomy is hyper realistic, perfect. Congrats! :thumbsup:



Terrific modeling. That is truly superb work.




Hi Notec I think my lack of sleep is showing.
I love the modeling in this entry and the alien ended up looking really nice.
Maybe I can have a simple background like yours on my entry :wink:

Dunno I think a background is not necessarily a bad thing.
But yeh it looks finished and your models look great :buttrock:
Best luck to you.


Wow! Amazing final product! I still really like the minimalistic composition: it really focusses on the gorgeous modelling. :slight_smile: You most probably snap the ‘modelling’-award away from the others! :wink:

I’m by the way suprised that this challenge has far more 2D-illustration-entries then 3D: quite a typical change, as it always was the other way. Nice that you did it in 3D. :wink:

Take a well-deserved rest now! :wavey:


Beautiful Modeling here . Congratulations


Hi,thank you!
I hope that you will finish in time:)

Thank you for your really kind words;)

yeah,I will keep watching your thread.
many thanks;)

really glad to your kind words;)thanks!

appreciate your comment.thank you, and congrats to you;)


With all the excellent entries out there, this is still my favourite alien! Extremely cute and well modeled. Congratulations


yes, beautiful modeling !


hey notec,that’s amazing modeling. I’m interested in this image.
I like it, especially alien.
Good luck.


Excellent final. Great job :slight_smile:


thank you;) congrats you too.glad to your commenst!

thanks to you!


really thanks!


Congratulations on your final image. Really nice sculpting!


clean rendering, excellent modeling and sculpting… I really like your work… congratulations


Thank you! your work is interesing image;)
nice work!

Thanks for your kind words!

as follow list, using software to my work.
[li]silo(base mesh modeling)[/li][li]blender(layout)[/li][li]mudbox(main use)[/li][li]zbursh(posing use.30days trial version:))[/li][li]sunflow renderer(rendering)[/li][li]original python tool(obj converter for sunflow)[/li][li]PhotoShop Element(concept images)[/li][/ul]I’ve used many software,and there is low price or free!!