Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Kenichi Nishida


Kawaii! Kawaii!!


thanks for your comment:)[b]





FANTASTIC MODEL! the design is really well done! Cant wait to see more …fantastic…


That’s the cutest grey-alien i’ve seen thus far.
Keep on rockin :smiley:


layout work:)


Excelent technique, and facial expressions are spectalular.
good luck :wink:



yeah,I keep going!appreciate comment:)
thanks again!


Beautiful modeling


She is classical and very lovely, and your alien is interesting and extremely cute, both have great expressions, too.:thumbsup:

I really hope you will finish in time, I’ll keep watching your thread. :slight_smile:


beautiful modeling work , the alien reminds me of Thor from Stargate, sooo cute :slight_smile:


Stunning work! Everything looks first class though something looks wrong around the woman’s clavicle in that last image. (Maybe just the shadows or my eyes).



Great modelling…on both characters. A very serene scene.


Superb models. The alien does look cute :slight_smile:


Wow: you got some amazing design and modelling!! I like the minimalistic concept! :slight_smile: And I like to follow where you end up within a week… :drool: All the best!


After seeing your beautiful models, it’s nice to see the layout and how this is all supposed to come together. Looks good - good luck getting the textures and background together in the next week! :thumbsup:


Very expresive characters. The alien instantly became one of my favourites.


Superb modelling! The alien has real character and great expression.

I’m sure that you can finish this off within the week, and it would have to be in the running for the modeling award. Go hard! :cool:


What a beautiful piece of work! Love the little alien! He is cute! I wish his smile was a bit more pronounced though. I could see it easily without the wrinkles and then somehow within the details im missing his cute little smile. Just a thought though…still very very cool:)


thank you!I like your alien;)

thank you for the comment!:slight_smile:

appreciate your comment.thanks!
you have finished? I don’t have enough time…keep goooing!

thank you!
your aliens are really interesting design.I like it!

thanks for your advice and your kind word;)
yeah,I will rework her clavicle.thansks.

thank you!:slight_smile: