Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Kenichi Nishida


Kenichi Nishida is entered in the “Uplift Universe Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: finished


Nice and thin modeling on your CGportfolio, I guess you will create a very interresting picture. Good luck and welcome the contest.


sorry… failed in posting…
how remove this post??


here is my first post.
two character only.but I have few ideas in my mind…



working for posing and sculting.


Fantastic model. The gentle pose is amazing.My compliments.:bowdown: cant wait to see more!


working face parts detail with only mudbox.
I appreciate to give advice these images:)

glad to your comment:)


posing used zbrush(transpose).


VEEERY NICE :slight_smile: I love that pose. It’s the pose of the main character which makes one a masterpiece. Looking forward to seeing some more. As for now :thumbsup:


Hey there that’s a really nice study imho
Lovely anatomy looks very natural and great pose too.

Not sure about the little alien he looks like he’s begging or something?
I just think you need to get a nice concept together and this would be one my
favourite entries together with grooshkas :slight_smile:


I think that he is a naughty boy(man?).
and very short.(about 30-40cm)
he will mischief to her.but she gazing at him with kindly eyes.
it looks like gazing at her son.

really difficult to explain in my poor English…


Thanks for your comment:)
I’m glad to you to like it!

he(alien) will mischief to her!
at first, I think that he is begging to her.


I have worked posing alien with zbrush.
and I stopped idea that he is a naughty boy.
really difficult his character…


so cute!! love the alien


I like that alien. Very nice model with strong silhouette…


That’s a wonderful work with the models and their poses. I’ll back to updates.


Thanks! I like your character and scene:)

Thanks! appriciate your comments.

Thanks! nice detail your character!




sculpting based on human anatomy.


Very nice modeling!
Adorable female, cute alien!