Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Juan Carlos Montes


Juan Carlos Montes is entered in the “Uplift Universe Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

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This is my idea for the challenge, a was planing to make a human kid eating Ice cream to, but I enter the challenge a bit late, let see if I can get the alien done.


Hey Juan Carlos, nice sketch and cool concept :smiley: . I think the desserts are a totaly icon on any culture, and be great that you take that approach on your idea. Are many possibilities on it to explore the alien point of view on human ice creams :smiley: Good luck!! Cheers mate!! :beer:


Thank you very much Ferx am going to do my best. :slight_smile:


Am trying to do all the modeling in XSI, then do all detail and textures in 3d-coat.


Hey Juan,
I like your concept. Maybe you could put a kid in the background crying because the alien took his icecream away. Awesome work. Brad


Here is a simple render to visualize the character, Am going to make the tentacles more large later.


I need to finish some details on the cloth and am ready to work with the textures.


working with the icecream :slight_smile:


that looks yummy!!!
now i want to go out and get an ice-cream.


HU HU HU Funny craze image!


Oh, man! With a tongue like that I bet this guy really appreciates his ice cream. Nice looking ice cream!:thumbsup:


This is a fast render in carrara 6 only to play, still a lot to do.


Looking good! I really liked your concept sketch and I’m sure that your final render will capture that feeling.

Go hard…


That tongue is disgusting! :slight_smile: Nice job fleshing out every aspect of your alien’s physiology. Good luck getting everything together and renderred in time for the deadline.


I have to continue with the rest of the body if I want to finish my image for monday :S.


Thanks Guys for the comments, this is anothe rendering test was done on carrara 6 an some color tint in Photoshop.
am going to make the cloth and the texture of the hand an star playing with the pose.
I hope I get this image done.


Totally disgusting. Nice work!! Glad to see you here dude. Keep’em coming.


At last! I finish the alien enjoying an icecream. Yes, I know it looks very disturbing. I made the rest of the illustration in one day using carrara 6 and adding some detalis in photoshop.


Very nice alien design! I like his/her clothes too!