Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Josh McGraw


just some more work on the alien concept, thanks to SFedor:)


I really like all of your beginning sketches and look forward to seeing more! :thumbsup:


Thanks NathanielWest :slight_smile:


uve got some really cool concepts ready,nice stuff,keep’em coming and best of luck:thumbsup:


Hi Vedic-kings, nice nice sketches, i like it…



I love this thread, I can´t wait how you will develope the idea.
All the best, Arturo


Great colors and outstanding concept illustrations! :thumbsup: Your work stands out!


Old alien seems impressive, so what will tell him?


The last design is great Josh ! like the character very much.


These are amazing ideas. I can’t want to see where you go with them. Best of luck for the challenge!


Cool concepts! Especially the old man. Looking forward for more ^^


great alien design!! I like it a lot.:applause:


Thanks guys for all your kind words!

I’m going to start working on the scene as we only have 38 days left!


Not to be negative, but I’m not sure that i like how the bearded alien has ended up. In the most recent drawing he looks extremely thing and fragile. In the earlier sketches, he looked thicker and seemed to hold himself with an air of intelligence/dignity. Now he seems in my opinion to be more caricature like.

Again its just my point of view and the environment you stick him in may affect the look/expression, but as he stands I think you’ve gone back a small step.


Sorry for the double post!

Looking back at the earlier sketches and comparing them to this one, I realized what stood out to me was the forehead/headpiece hat. In the previous samples they seem regal and king like. In this most recent one, it looks beaten and worn down. The loss of the status of the head piece is what I think is holding me back on the most recent sketch.

Again, depending on how you plan to present the character, this may be fine, but having seen the previous versions it seems a bit of a let down in impotance


just another concept.


SFedor, thanks for your inputs. Yes I agree, but this new alien is just another kind or set. I want to have as many different types of aliens as I [can fit in the scene :slight_smile: So no worries :cool:


Looks like a very interesting concept! Good luck and keep it coming!


The rendering on that platform is very slick, and the concept is coming together v well. Good luck!


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