Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Joko Purnomo


Joko Purnomo is entered in the “Uplift Universe Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

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Concept: Human and Alien playing a chess game

Environment: Alien Planet

Idea: The Alien too smart, so the Man need a chess guide to improve his chess gameplay skill


This is my Sketch2 Update


Sketch No.3, same concept, with composition


The 3rd sketch is intriguing, though my suggestion it would be better looking with different perspective. Like making the chessboard closer to the scene, and the two kids are shown close up. It’s hard to explain without drawing it though…


Hi, Thank you for your suggestion Pegahoul.

This is Sketch 4.


Final Sketch (My choice)

Concept: Best Friend Forever, Old Friends,
Alien and Man, The two have been friends for 40 years


Alien 3D Model


god start!


Young Alien Head and torso sculpt


Thanks IotaH


Young Alien Sculpt WIP


alien looks cool!


Thanks Pegahoul:), still working on more detail of the young alien and armor


Good work so far… I like the third sketch, I think it’ll look great as some kind of an ancient engraving in some tomb, just giving up the idea of aliens and humans playing chest in the dawn of time. Keep it up…:thumbsup:


Thanks for your idea harachte, I appreciate it:)


That is one fantastic alien. I love the idea that he’s good at chess! Really nice work. I’ll be keen to watch this develop


This is great modelling!

I love the Alien…

My suggestion would be to try and emphasize his relationship with the aged human “best friend”…by maybe adding a bit of acting in the picture and try to focus on the moment between a Master and Apprentice…

It’s possible the older human is like a Chess Grandmaster…and the young alien is looking really interested as he sees the human making a move. Maybe the alien is taking up the game.

This is just an addition as I think you have many sketches involving a scene like this…
But I just think there will be extra magic with EYE CONTACT like if the human is slyly looking at the alien…and the alien is also looking at him…

As if the alien is asking… “What… Don’t look at me… Just finish your move!” It can be a very entertaining scene.



Thanks Mdavid and CGIPadawan for suggestion, yeah i think that good idea, thanks.:slight_smile:
i still confuse with my sketch too, which one is more fit with the challenge.


After some opinion and suggestion i decide to pick sketch 3 and update it. Base 3d model of man and ready to sculpt in Zbrush