Uplift Universe - Image Entry: John Strieder


Thanks, Fetus23, alexichabane, Mark, Nahuta, disconnected and varma :slight_smile:
Unfortunaly I didn’t found some time to finish this, whis is hard for me,
cause most stuff for this is still finished. What’s missing is primarily
the Clothing. But I’m going to move on to the WIP-Section of CG-Talk
and finish it there. I’ll post the Link here.


Unforunately no final, I didn’t had the time :frowning:
But I’m continuing here:

… and see you next Challenge :wink:

John Strieder


See you there John!


TEH BOOK IDEA IS GREAT!!! compliments…i hope to see more of this beautifull character!:beer:


Congratulations! She is so pretty!
Actually a great Idea for a “Forget me not” postcard!


I’m sorry to hear that. Your work is great so far an should be finished.
But I am happy that I will see your finished image in the WIP corner.
And yes, your idea with thit photo is very nice. :slight_smile:

I have a quite similar situation because I also find too few time for my project in the animation area. I hope that I can finish it. We will see…


Too bad, you couldnt finish on time. But anyway, Im looking forward to see the final image.
See you, Tigger. Big hug from your Ball of Wool ;).


Wow! Ich hoffe dieses Bild wird vollendet. Es sieht sehr vielversprechend aus!


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