Uplift Universe - Image Entry: John Strieder


Wow … really looking great. Good job, Tigger. I like it very much.


Ah! Every man’s worst nightmare: the angry alien father of the girlfriend! It’s all looking really good so far. Really nice work :thumbsup:


damn hot!
Nice work, i like the strukture of the skin especially the parts looking like being under the skin…


Thanks, Colocat, mdavid and Vem :slight_smile:
I’ve deceided to give her Feathers as Hairs. I had a List of possibilitys what she can have to make her different from humans, for example: Feathers, 4 Arms, 4 Eyes or Tentacle-like Hairs (like on the Sketch) … In the End she is more humanlike than the rough imaginary - but I wanted to give her a sexy look :slight_smile:
Later this Day I’ll show a rendertest of her with Textures, Material and Feathers.


Rendertest, now with Textures and Feathers. For the Colourvariation of the Feathers I’m using Fry’s Colorgen, which applies chosen Colours randomly per Object-ID. Very cool feature.
In the next time i will focus on finishing the Aliengirl and the Car-Interieur (Backseat) to have time to think about the posing of her Father and her Human Lover.


ohhhh, sweeeeeet!
I like thist little feather-punk. Would like to see how it looks, when they are adjusted to the back, but this version is very good.

So long,


She`s looking gorgeous. Great work.


FANTASTIC ! this is f a n t A S T I C!.. marvellous style!


I don’t understand why I am not getting email updates on this thread! :banghead:

Anyhow, This is great work John! I like the feathers on her head! Very alien!

Well done! :thumbsup:


Hi js3d! That’s a very hot alien girl! The rendering is so good she almost looks alive!
What soft are using, by the way?
I read about the contest, way cool! It reminds me of my own teenage era, with only one
difference, it was my father who caught us!
I will defintely come back for more!
Good luck!


GOD!! looks great! the skin and hair of both of them are very well done. I’ll keep my eyes here mate!André de Souza


very very nice updates … starting to come together really good … keep it up


Thanks, Vem, Colocat, OZ, varma and decosouza :slight_smile:

@varma: I use FryRender (rendering of course), ZBrush (sculpting and texturing), Bodypaint (texturing and unwrapping) and Cinema 4D (modeling and scene setup). I’ll show in one of the next posts some technical Stuff like Textures and so on.

I was busy with the Backseat and the Fathers Head. I will make a Screenshot out of ZBrush and post him later :slight_smile:

Edit: Thank you too, Nightwoodwolf :wink:


This is the angry Father of the Alien Girl. Teeth, Eyes and some Feathers you must imagine at the moment :wink:


Neat stuff going on in here, I especially like the girl with the feather hair. I see alot of heads and no bodies so far, can’t wait to see what you have planed for them.



Great work on your character modeling, the detail on the aliens face is really nice. I liked the four eyed version from the concept sketch because it looked less humanoid, but the skin texture and hair (on the girl) help her look very alien. Best of luck in finishing on time!


Looking great John! Keep going! You can make it on time!


Hi John!

I like your work very much so far. Especially the alien father! I think I need some Zbrush lessons from you. Very good work! :slight_smile:

Also I like your Idea. This will be an interesting interaction between humans and aliens!
I’m looking forward to see more of your great WIPs.


Wow, that is absolutely incredible. I know this is an alien thing goin, but really that looks so realistic that boy does. You are an awesome artist.


He really looks very angry! I sympatise with the poor human boy, it won’t be a pretty scene
after the father is done with him! Very nice modeling! Almost looks like an orc friend of mine
I knew long ago!