Uplift Universe - Image Entry: John Strieder


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: “Flagrant delit interstellaire”


Hi, Everyone!

The Idea for my Image is: Alien-father is catching his daughter in-flagranti with a human boy :slight_smile:

I will try to make a Sketch, until then here’s a try to describe how the picture will be
composed: Alien Girl and Human Boy will be sitting on the Backseat of a Car, Alien Father
is behind them and tearing the car’s roof off :wink: Imagine the Camera is placed between
the frontseats and pointing at the couple.

Good luck to everyone!


Sounds like an interesting idea. Im curious how itll look. Good luck to you.


Oooooh! Challenging idea!

Knowing your previous work, this should be a great image.

Really looking forward to your work on this one!

Good luck friend. :thumbsup:


very nice idea John … looking forward to see your work in progress :thumbsup:


So here’s a Sketch for it.
Shortly the Story again: Alien Girl and Human Boy sitting on the backseat of a Car, Alien Father is angry and tearing the Roof off :slight_smile:


Currently I’m working on the boy’s head :slight_smile:


Hi John,
very nice idea and nice work so far!
I´m curious to see more!

Good luck,


Thank you very much Conny, Mark, John and Andreas!

Some Info i forgot: Like always i use Cinema 4D for Basemeshes, ZBrush for skrew them up and the “Render Perfect”-Button in FryRender. I have started with the Boy to have time to reconsider how the Alien Girl and her Dad look like. So in the next time it’s not impossible to see me doing unimportant things like the car-Interieur, haha :wink:


nice progress John!

For some reason I am not getting email updates from CGSociety.

But as usual your skills in modelling people inspire me.



Thanks, Mark :wink: At the moment I’m painting the Textures for the Head (Color, Bump, Spec). Tomorrow i show a Rendertest with my Skin-Material. See you.


Hi, here’s a quick rendertest (rendertime: 4 Minutes) on the Guy’s Head with my Skinmaterial and the Textures (Color, Bump, Spec) I made yesterday.

The Eyes are quickly placed, and everything Hair is missing (Lashes, Brows, …). This will be done on the final pose/expression.

In the next time I will keep busy with the Design of the Alien. I have some Ideas about a translucent Skin, but the hardest will be a Anatomy different than humans.


Wow! This is really nice work!

Can you tell me a little more about how you made the skin texture. For example, did you use a photo, or did you paint it?


very nice update … my crit would be the ear something strange about it maybe rotated to the back !! … texturing is awesome with the hair and eye lashes he will look great … keep it up :thumbsup:



@dustbin1uk: It’s painted, but for a start I projected a distorted Photo flat on the head.
Then I completely overpainted it. Photos aren’t that good as Textures, cause they
contain Lighting Informtion and so on. But they are a nice Helper as start and reference.

I used Bodypaint and ZBrush Polypainting for this.
The “Color Spray”-Mode in Zbrush is extremely useful for Skin Textures.

But the main Effect is in the Skin-Material I created in FryRender.

@John Saleem: Thanks for the hint with the Ear :slight_smile: I will fix that when the final pose and expression for his Head is ready.


It looks really awesome … as always :slight_smile:
Very realistic.


I have an aditional idea for you: Your story needs an end, I think, so, what do you think about that:
In continuation: The father is angry and eats the human boy, and the daughter gets angry too, and says disappointed: “Oh, no, daddy, you do always the same with my boyfriends, and…
I hate it… because I never get an opportunity to eat them later by myself!”

What do you think?


Edit: Oh, sorry. I thought that you want to make a video. But your idea is for an image.
May be, I would realize my idea for a video by myself, in other basic situation different to yours (I am looking for a story…)


@DrLong: No Problem, thought it :wink:


Unfortunately I’m very busy at the moment and there’s not much time for this Challenge :frowning:

So here’s a tiny little update. A quick start on the Alien Girl’s Head.


Update on the Head …
Spray for the Pores and Alpha 58 for Wrinkles (like on the Lips and Eyes) are supercool :wink: