Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Jerome Moo Wen Han


This is so well done, with refinements and careful considerations along the way to make it even better. Though I am a sucker for great landscapes, it is true that more rock/jellyfish solidified the threat. It makes sense to have a really dinged up ship with more scatches. A co-pilot in the back is nice too, to fill in that space and add more alien/human interaction. Again, I love your piece. Great work, can’t wait to see your other work you are working on now. Take care, and thanks for the inspiration.


Hey Jerome, the revision looks great! For sure the ship looks in a more danger :smiley: I think the electric rays of the jelly fishes need to be more brigther and neat, except the rays of the jelly fish attacking the front of the ship and maybe some of the jelly fish charging electrical power to all of its body or glowing brighter for a inner body part, but are minor details :smiley: , perhaps more a wish than a critic :D. I really like your image and the great enviroment on it, superb work my friend! And for this time no beers… better … yes! wine!! :smiley: a lot of bottles of wine !! Cheers! :beer:


I would say, you were done now :slight_smile: Then you don’t have to post that story all the time :scream: Good luck :slight_smile:


…and Jeromoo comes out swingin!



just fixing some painting mistakes I forgot to clean up. Increased the saturation on the ship and the sky.


Sorry, just felt that the saturation on the sky was too red. So I went back to the previous version.

Alright, alright, I’ll stop now!

Here’s a higher res version of the artwork:


Slav: Thank you, my friend! All the best with yours, Slav!

shauncharles: Thank you Shaun! I am currently working on small things for my office and friends now. Hopefully I get to start on a new personal painting soon. Thank you for your support! Cheers!

MartinNielsen: Thank you, Martin! :smiley:

winchester: Swinging? Don’t you mean flying, like one of them rock-jellyfishes :smiley: Or perhaps I didn’t get the slang. But thank you!


Jeromoo, congratulations! It is gorgeous from the overall composition to every single detail. :thumbsup: I learnt a lot from you during this contest and thanks for the help and support you have been offering to me! Good luck! :applause:


Simply gorgeus! Awesome thread…:thumbsup: And congrats on finishing!!


Nice colors, and designs on the ship and the rock jellyfish thingys. Nice image overall. Details are nice and the comp is good. Congrats on finishing. I need to get my ass in gear and finish myself hehe. I still have some basketball to play on tuesday then it is back to finishing my image. Later jerome.:thumbsup:


awesome work!
love the concept the colors and well i love everything!


I really like this , the colors rock :slight_smile: and everything else about it rocks too. Thanks for the help on my thread too, you gave me the little push I needed to attempt to paint that darn fat lady better.


Jerome really a strong piece and probabnly the only one who use the color like a perspective Brilliant .


just stumbled about your piece…
great work jerome, as always :wink:


hey Jerome,i gotta say this is one of the bst entry,love the colors,the cold and warm makes a great contrast to the overal scene,glad that uve finished it:)congrates and wish u tons of luck


That’s lovely, Jerome! Congrats on finishing. Thanks for posting the larger image. I t was nice to see a lot of the small details in context, like the cracks in the viewscreen that i’d never noticed before. Nice work on all the little bits of lightning too… heck, nice work on everything, I’m just appreciating new (to me) details. Glad you added more rock jellyfish, too - they really add to the threat, and make it feel more plausible that the ship would even encounter them. (It’s a big sky, after all!)
Anyhow, great work, as usual. :slight_smile:


good as always man! … i hope you give me a print this time! :slight_smile:


Hi Jerome,

Great Colors, really strong composition values, and like Eric said, the 1sth I see uses perspective color in this thread, that’s awesome you can see the evil jelly fish rock aliens in all views, and make your imagination wonder of what will happen and how they end up there, the characters inside the ship, are all a good design for a team, like each one fits anatomically perfect in the design! Great details again!

:applause: Congratulations!:thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Best of Luck ! I wish teh best on this great art!:arteest:


Donglu-LittleFish: Merci Beacoup, Donglu :D! All the best with your entry!

harachte: Thank you, Raul! All the best to you too!

beelow: hey mate! I just checked your update and see no further progresses. Are you going to finish it? If not, you can always finish it after the contest for your personal portfolio. P.S.: Is your leg better now? I remembered you hurt your leg during the basketball session.

Cyberone: Thank you, Simon! All the best to you!

Ivy00: Thank you Linda. Glad I could help you with your entry. You need to be able to push yourself in everything you do.

scala: Hi Eric! I like the term ‘perspective colours’! Never think of that :slight_smile: Hehe. Thank you very much!

ManuelM: Heya Manuel, thank you for stumbling by! Keep in touch on MSN please! Great to hear fro you again.

MichaelZHsee: Hi Michael, thank you for the kind comments. So you are unable to find the time to finish your entry? Nevermind, another time then as there always is!

walrus: Hi Michael, I wish to thank you personally for the great eye and push you have given me to improve the painting further. I really agree with what you and your friends have discussed about the focus of the painting, so I am thankful you brought it up! :smiley: Cheers, walrus!

chilombiano: Hi Hi Daniel, thank you very much for your kind comments. I want to make a print of this one day! Will give you one, haha!

AxelAlonso: Hi Axel (Your name is like one of the Guilty Gear game characters :slight_smile: ) Thank you for your great observation. What you have described is exactly what I am trying to achieve. Everything is supposed to tie with each other when you look closely. Thank you again, Axel!

Cheers! One more day left for this Image category. All the best, people!


Hey Jerome, like a lot the change on the sky color and thanks for the large image!! Really awesome image, love the palette on your illustration!. The texture for the jelly fishes are superb! Incredible environment for the whole image!!:buttrock: Congrats for this awesome artwork my friend!! And time for some wine bottles!! Cheers!! :beer: