Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Jerome Moo Wen Han


Amazing man, i especially like the background, great colors. I really can’t find anything wrong with it. I wonder, how much time have you spent on it so far? If it’s not a secret that is :smiley:


So beautiful… the colors are amazing. I love your background. Congrats and good luck. I hope finish the mine in time.


Waouw!! That’s a great image!!! Well done on the extention… and man, the colors are so beautiful!! :thumbsup:

Wish you good luck! Anyway, it s a real piece of art, i love it!!

Cheers!! :beer:


The extension worked beautifully…such an original composition…and of course control of colour earns grand marks!!. its just a solid illustration…

Congratulations, Jerome!



Slav: Hey Slave, thank you very much for pushing me to extend the top. It does look much better now. Cheers!

Dragneye: Thank you, Drew!

shauncharles: Yeah, finishing early certainly gives me the advantage of improvements and corrections. Thank you!

nightwoodwolf: Thank you!

Ferx: Hi Fernando, thanks for the great feedback! I’m glad you like it. Cheers. I prefer wine than beer :P. All the best with your entry, it is really coming along nicely! Hope you can finish yours in time.

HornlessUnicorn: Thank you, Dimitrij! I’m glad I did try to extend it!

Keitaro333: Hi, its not a secret on how long I took to work on it. I started early this month and finished in about 3 weeks. Worked on it on and off. Thank you for your comments :slight_smile: You can see my progress in my challenge page to get the general idea. I didn’t really time myself when painting.

decosouza: Thank you, and all the best with your progress! Hope you do finish in time!

SuperXCM: Hi Simone! Didier has told me about you, :). Sorry I missed you the other day at Shine cafe, didn’t go there in the end because my colleagues wanted to play Call of Duty 4 :smiley:

LightSovereign: Thank you. I really focus much on the colours instead of the details. Thank you very much for liking it!


hehe its slav mate. that’s my name but dont feel bad everyone always makes that mistake. now if i could take your work habbits and apply them to myself and get my thing done as well that would be awesome.

and have it look semi decent. :slight_smile: great final image man! hats off.


Beautiful painting, love the colours!


Wow Jerome.
What a truly magical atmosphere you’ve created here. Masterfully done. Kind of like swimming with the dolphins but ooooooooooooh so much cooler.
Love it.


Back to Work in progress. We still have 2 more weeks to go for the Image category, so I would like to try to make it better. After being away from this painting for some time and come back with a fresh eye, I felt something is missing from the painting. Maybe the sense of threat is not strong enough? Maybe the characters are not expressive enough? The ship is too simple looking?

I will try to spend the remaining days left to reexamine the painting and try to improve it. For now, I’m adding more rocky-jellyfishes that truly attacks the ship.


I’ve been thinking on how to make this better. Instead of the white reflection on the glass of the ship, maybe it should reflect a more orange-pink reflection given it’s background. I know it’s supposed to be underwater; possibly you could add some air bubbles, especially coming out of the back of the ship and on the sides where the “fins” are propelling the ship. Just some thoughts. Great image, and love the scene tremendously! Well done.


Ha! I just noticed that this image is not set under water! Sorry, haha. I would still alter the reflection on the glass though, and maybe add one more reflection of the jelly fish over the piloting alien, b/c that one seems like it is close to the glass. Sorry about my goof; it just seemed like it was set underwater at first to me. Thanks.


Damn nice work man, I really like what you did with the clouds and the sky, keep up the great work :drool:


It is going to be tough to make this even better than it is! The only suggestion I have is to try and make the main characters more punchy.

Great work.


Here’s the latest addition and refinements. I’ve added lots more rock jellyfishes. I’ve tweaked the ship too: the sunlight reflection on the glass, the reflections of the rock jellyfishes, shadow under them, deep gashes they made. I’ve also added a new co-pilot behind the human at the back of the ship.

I’ve brightened up the scene slightly.

Is it much better now? Hmmm…


Slav: Hey Slav (minus the E, sorry about that typo! My bad) Thank you for you kind words and forgiveness! I’ve improved on the entry, do you like it better?

Minnhagen: Thank you, Mats!

Nickillus: Thank you, Nick! Haha, swimming with dolphins is still cool! Thank you again!

TCPortfolio: Oops, my bad, sorry for making you think it is an underwater scene! I’ve toned down the white reflection of the glass… agreed it was too hard looking. The reflection you thought was missing from the other rock jellyfish, is actually because I just added it. Now it is there in the latest piece. Thank you for your great feedbacks!

nmcelmury: Thank you, Nicholas!

John Keates: Hi John, i know the main characters in the ship are not punchy enough. But its quite hard to see them already. Oops. So I have to try them more readable from a distance. Or are you refering to the rock jellyfishes?


Ooops, I stopped looking at your thread a little while back because I thought you finished it. :blush: It’s looking really nice and I like the addition of more rock-jellyfishes, which now seem even more of a threat. It might be nice to have even more, very small ones off in the distance, swarms of them in the upper left.

There’s one concern, though: I was showing off your thread to some frieds last ngiht and we were looking at it and talking about it. And here’s what we decided: The area of the strongest contrast in the piece is the bright red rock-jellyfishes in front of the brightest part of the sky. It’s got bright values, it’s got a lot of contrast, and thus it draws the eyes mroe than any otehr part of the picture. The humans and other main characters are subtle and muted, and here the eyes are being pulled away to a relatively unimportant passage. I’m not sure what to suggest - make them less red? Make the sky dimmer? Brighten the characters? Make the sky cool and pump up the warm colors on the ship and occupants? - but I wanted to point it out as something to think about. Good luck!



This is a really good looking image! I like the toned down reflection and I like walrus’ idea about swarms of the threatening jellyfish in the background. However, I do like the image the way it is…I’m kinda torn between the two ideas. Very well done.


Walrus: Hi Mike, that’s a very good observation there. Yes, I also felt that the focus is lost somewhere in the sunset. So I tweaked the painting again and yeah, it works. Thank you for your very useful crits! Much appreciated! I’ve also added more rock-jellyfishes in the horizon.

TCPortfolio: Thank you! I hope my next update will be more to your liking!

I’m going to go for the final soon. I’ll be quite busy after this, so no more tweaking.


Here’s the third and hopefully final revision. (Revision: more rock-jellyfishes, dimmer background and red rock jellyfishes, brighter ship interiors, some small fixes)

Story (from previous post):
Something bad happened down there on this strange seemingly uninhabited planet. They received a rather urgent call for the rescue ship to be summoned down to the surface. The victims: A Neo-Dolphin and a Neo-Chimp, with their human and alien chaperones. The human is their sister. The brothers, along with an alien pilot, made quickly for their destination. They found them hiding in a cave. The Neo-Dolphin was badly hurt and unconscious. The chimp, looking dumb-founded, kept exclaiming “They are coming, they are coming”. Their sister was really scared. As for the other alien chaperone, they could never make out its expression at all. They quickly got onto the rescue ship and attempted to fly away.

Before they could reach beyond the planet’s atmosphere, a swarm of rock-like jellyfishes suddenly appear before them. Powerful jolts of electricity lashed out from their tentacles. Some of them even rammed the ship with their ultra-strong rock walls. What exactly happened here? What were they doing down there in the first place? Will they survive?

I hope this will be the last revision unless any of you spot some mistakes I overlook. I am getting busy with other works now and will not be able to continue further with this. I wish you all the best with your entries, my fellow participants!


i think its truely done. i cant really thing of any way to make it better. awesome work here!