Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Jerome Moo Wen Han


really like to congratulate you for a work well done, color palette is amazing and overall effects are great too… good luck. :slight_smile:



Congratulations on a fab piece of work Jerome. I’ve really enjoyed watching your progress and I’ve learnt a few things watching the process too (bonus). I’ve really appreciate your constructive comments thoughout the challenge and it only remains for me to wish you the best of luck :slight_smile:


Jeromoo, Congratulations! I love this piece!
You have worked so hard, have a good rest! Thumbs up!:slight_smile:


HornlessUnicorn: Heya Dimitrij thank you very much for your wonderful support and encouragement! Actually I don’t care if it wins or not, but I have a good time painting and it makes for a nice addition to my portfolio :D. p.s. I think we do need to write a story for it, but it doesn’t have to be so richly written, plain description might also do, I hope! All the best to you!

Sleepyghost: Hi Niko! Thank you for the positive feedbacks! All the best with your entry and I hope to see you produce a sterling work as well!

GaeasHerald: Thank you Gerardo! your work is great too, I love your colours!

Jassar: Thank you, Al-Haitham! :slight_smile:

nwiz25: Thank you, neville, for your kind wishes. All the best with your entry too and hope you finish it in time with spectacular results!

MartinNielsen: Thank you, martin! I thought I can write, but I just realised I really can’t!

mdavid: Hi Mark, thank you for your kind comments. It’s a pleasure to join this challenge and meet fantastic people like you all. Its also my greatest pleasure to extend useful advices to everyone when possible. Thank you too for your advices for me!

Fetus23: Yeah, its a wonderful feeling to be free from this deadline. I hate deadlines. All the best, Ryan!

scala: Hi Eric, thank you for your support! I just realised I didn’t post any comments on yours! My bad! I’ll post one soon, I promise!

artizakO: Thank you, Reynan! All the best to you! :slight_smile:

Pearlyking: Thank you and glad to hear you enjoyed the process too. I have fun with this challenge thing. All the very best to you, Bill!

Donglu-LittleFish: Haha, yeah, I’m gonna PAINT! My favourite form of resting! Thank you for your feedbacks and comments!

To all the entrants, all the best and have fun finishing your masterpieces! Don’t forget the FUN part! :smiley:


I can’t find fault wih this! The wings are inspired. Bloomin’ brilliant in my opinion.


hey jerome, i love your piece but i got a serious peve with it right now. the space ship’s top most fins are being cropped off. i think it would be better if you extended the image a wee bit right now it just looks kind of wonky because thats the only part of the ship that is being cut off.


Andy-Jones: Thanks man, but what do you think about Slav’s recend feedback?

Slav: Hey good point there. Should I extend the height of the work to accommodate the ship’s back fins? I may have to try and see. Thanks :slight_smile:


This is beautiful. I think I agree with Slav, if the ship is the main focus of the image. Fantastic jellyfish looking aliens :slight_smile: Wonderful colors and a great sense of depth.


Ditto ! I’m particularly fond of cold-warm color play: it’s not simple but you seem to master it very well. Well done ! :thumbsup:


Jeromoo, this is an inspiring peice! I’m sure we are all glad we could be a part of it, if only to see its developement and comment along the way. I was blown away by just the background you had at the first, now it really makes a story we all can enjoy. Your written story was capable of giving us a small view into what you had in mind, don’t worry. There is no question to what is going on, and the rest is perfectly unknown… our minds fill the gaps quit happily. The color pallette is amazing. The forms are beautiful and imaginitive. Well done.


WOW! This has come a long way since i first saw this as a sketch! Awesome :thumbsup:
Excellent colours and I love the translucent tentacles. Great imagination and it’s good to see completely original ideas in a genre that has so many cliches. Well done!


This is a really nice piece, well done.


Here’s the final piece again with the top part extended to reveal the back fins of the ship. Thanks to Slav for pointing it out and others agreeing to this.

I’ve also moved the largest rock-jellyfish (that is about to lash out shocks of electricity at the alien pilot) higher up. to fill in the extra spaces at the top.


Ivy00: Thank you Linda! I’ve fixed the issue!

Thaldir: Thank you for your kind comments, Tiziano!

shauncharles: Hi Shaun, thank you for liking my piece. I hope to keep the story simple enough so that the viewer can imagine their own version of backstories and the aftermath of this encounter. Thank you again for your great support, Shaun!

headtrip: thank you Andrew! I’m glad to hear that you don’t find it too cliched.

pkneeshaw: Thank you, Peter!


well, it looks pretty freggin pretty. i love the detail and the color. you know what i think ill hang on to this one. A class image man!


Beautiful piece of art jeromoo. Good Luck and great job.


Slav has a good eye, the ship was so close to being complete. It does lower the humans in the cockpit below the center of the image, but I don’t think I would add to the bottom of the image. Adding black to the back fins was a good move, it stops our eye from going off the page in a way. Also a good move raising the rock jellyfish to fill that space. AH, the bonuses of finishing early. :slight_smile:


wow …this is really beautiful


Hey Jerome, incredible artwork my friend!! :buttrock: A really awesome and dramatic enviroment, I simply love it, cool!! The mood on the image is superb and the feeling of really open landscape is great!!. The colors and lighting on your image brings to life a delicious image, a totally eye candy :thumbsup: The action and tension on your image is really well achived, and the story is a cool complement for your illustration! Congratulations Jerome for that superb artwork!! a great pleasure to see all the evolution on your concept an a great learning experience :smiley:
And now is time for a bunch of cold beers and a big big Tequila bottle!! :smiley: Cheers my friend !! :beer: + :beer: + :beer:


Your beautifull, amazing image just got even better :slight_smile: Somehow there’s more sense of space now. It was right to extend it. Wonderfull!

Congrats to an awesome work!:arteest: