Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Jerome Moo Wen Han


nice thread J,like nr 4 seems to be the most appropiate just that glass now that bothers me abit.finish taht and its done imo GJ


walrus: Hi Mike, thank you for your quick response! Yes, you are right about the reflection being to opaque, so I’ve tone it down quite a bit. Thanks for that useful pointer! As for the color I’ve listened to everyone’s comments so far and will try to blend certain colors that work with each aspect of the painting. But I’m keeping most of the original values for the ship and the rock-jellyfishes. I’ll be posting my final image tonight!

Jaba153: Yo Didier, thanks for all of your feedbacks. I’ve tried your suggestion from our msn conversation this morning with further experimentations. Hope the end result will work.

tkier: thank you, Tom.

SuperXCM: Hi there, Simone. Thanks for your comments! I’ve blended the colours that work and hope they will come together well.

HornlessUnicorn: Thank you very much, Dimitrij! I’ll post the final image tonight and hope you like the new color combination. Do let me know if you don’t. Thank you again :slight_smile:

mdavid: Hi Mark! Thank you for your feedbacks. Looks like everybody’s main fav is 4! So I’ll definitely incorporate that.

Jassar: Thank you, Al-Haitham!

scala: Hi Eric, thank you for your feedbacks!

MartinNielsen: Yes, you are right. Hope the final result works. Thank you too!

jonone: Hi Ioan, thanks! I’ve fixed the glass reflection bit already. Will be posting the final image soon.


it is probably too late to give an opinion , but I like numer 1 the best. It offers more color differences and is easier to read each element in the image.


very nice concept, color is great and from the color variations my favorite is both the fourth one and the original, anyway overall images is looking great. good luck,:thumbsup:



hey buddy! :stuck_out_tongue: your work is alive and kicking … some serious ass :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
about the colour variations which, by now i guess you’re pretty much done with the final image … but off the record … i think i like 3 better … mainly because the scene has blended well … especially with the ship :slight_smile:
we look for the same thing when it comes to hdr rendering, that the model has to blend well with the photograph (background), to make it look like it’s really ‘there’ and not out of place … ( i hope made some sense :blush: ) … me really looking forward to your final image! :stuck_out_tongue:
cheers my friend! :beer: good luck! :thumbsup:


I vote for the original one. The contrast between the cold color dominated foreground and the background dominated with a much warmer palette gives definitely more depth to your image. As Walrus pointed out: the darker rock-jellyfishes make your eyes focus more on the rescue ship which is the center of the attention within all the visual elements. My only suggestion is that you might try to give the yellow light on the foreground rock-jellyfishes a more greenish tone, it would synchronize with the green on the rescue ship.
You have done a great job! :slight_smile:


I vote for 2 and 4. They are stronger pieces than 1 and three, both have a greater sense of unity, hence a stronger tone. Really talk out the relationship here, find out what your feeling, figure out what your characters are feeling. number 2’s purple hued palette suggests a slightly colder mood, yet ripe and majestic. 4 is a bit warmer, and to me provides a sense of ease and warm experimentation in terms of relationship and char. interaction. It’s also the most atmospheric and believable of the four.
good luck
hope that helps a bit


Hey Jerome, a difficult call :smiley: Think the colours on (2) puts a nice outworld environment on the concept, and like (4) too. Maybe the back ground jellyfishes needs a rim light ( or some traslucens) to separete a bit from the background and looks more floating on the atmosphere, only a comment :slight_smile: Again, terrific work, really awesome!! love the whole concept !! :smiley: Cheers mate :beer:


Yes, the reflection is much better, and that she is looking at the danger. Toning down the flair, or blue light is nice, as well as a little bit more detail in that area. You know, the warmer atmosphere is beautiful and very skillfully done. In a way it gives a greater contrast to the blue light up front. However, I liked the BEFORE image landscape being a cooler temperature because of the mood it made. Especially on the right side. It looked like they needed to be rescued from a harsh environment, an “alien” environment. The AFTER image is more pleasant and warm, true, only it says something different about the story. The beautiful sunset is a very powerful symbol, make sure it doesn’t contradict the feeling and mood of the characters predicament. :slight_smile: So, I like the AFTER…except the change of color in the background landscape. Excellent work!


Something bad happened down there on this strange seemingly uninhabited planet. They received a rather urgent call for the rescue ship to be summoned down to the surface. The victims: A Neo-Dolphin and a Neo-Chimp, with their human and alien chaperones. The human is their sister. The brothers, along with an alien pilot, made quickly for their destination. They found them hiding in a cave. The Neo-Dolphin was badly hurt and unconscious. The chimp, looking dumb-founded, kept exclaiming “They are coming, they are coming”. Their sister was really scared. As for the other alien chaperone, they could never make out its expression at all. They quickly got onto the rescue ship and attempted to fly away.

Before they could reach beyond the planet’s atmosphere, a swarm of rock-like jellyfishes suddenly appear before them. Powerful jolts of electricity lashed out from their tentacles. Some of them even rammed the ship with their ultra-strong rock walls. What exactly happened here? What were they doing down there in the first place? Will they survive?

Blah, I am no good at writing stories.


Ivy00: Hi Linda, you were not too late. I’ve taken all of your opinions into careful consideration and finally decided on suitable combinations. Thank you for your help!

artizakO: Thank you for your vote too, Reynan!

nwiz25: Hi Neville, thank you for the positive comments! Yeah, I know about those compositing rules. I’ve worked on digimattes for feature film and I can say the same thing about that albeit in a different manner, but same thing all the same. Thank you again, Neville! :slight_smile:

Donglu-LittleFish: Thank you Donglu, I’ve retained the original color tone for some aspects of the artwork like the ship, and the rock-jellyfishes, and also a small part of the BG. I decided not to make the sunset a green colour because its a little too garish in my opinion. Thank you for your suggestions! :slight_smile:

radio24: Thank you Marcel! 4 sure is the most popular of the bunch, so I’ve included it in for the sunset area. Thank you for your reasonings too! Appreciated!

Ferx: Hi Fernando, thank you for your suggestions. I’ve added some slight touches for the rock-jellyfishes at the sunset area to make it more translucent. Aside from that, I think I better leave the rest alone. Thank you so much for the positive comments!

shauncharles: Hi Shaun, thank you for agreeing with the improvements I’ve made. How do you like this final image?

Whew, I’m done for this challenge. I’m going to do other personal paintings now. Thank you all for your support and all the best with your entries! Have fun!


Awesome! As I said many times before - I love this piece!. Wonderfull work of art! Congratulations, Jerome! I’ll be surprised if this wont be among the winners.

All the best and good luck in the contest!!


Do we have to write a story? Because I just posted my final image and didn’t write a story for it, maybe I should?


What a beauty! Wonderful work, Jerome! Love the colours. I didn’t vote about those earlier, sorry, but I do like what you went with. And as before I’m really digging the style of it all, great poster material.

I too fully expect this to do very well in the judging. Good luck!


Congrats jeromoo! Theres a gentle shift of colors in the picture that is simply beautiful. The concept is original and the piece is very well executed.


Wow jerome congrats! very very nice indeed :slight_smile: good luck!


weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! :bounce: congratulations are in order bro! :bounce: a fine piece indeed! ( really wish i had a nice scale version of your ship! :love: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: )
good luck as always dude! :thumbsup:


Congrats, jeromoo :slight_smile: A fine piece indeed. And yes, I hate writing crappy stories as well… :wink:


Congratulations on finishing a superb illustration. It’s been fascinating watching this come together. From concept sketches through to final art you’ve set a wonderfully high standard. You’ve also been very generous in offering helpful advice and support to other threads, like mine for example. Thank you for that, and good luck to you buddy


Wow man this turned out really nice, and it must feel great to be done so early!! I joined a bit late to catch all your progress in realtime but i’ve looked through your entire thread to see this thing come together, its been a fun ride for sure.



Hey Jerome you did a wonderful work here with a really nice color palette .