Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Jerome Moo Wen Han


Thank you very much for the needed feedbacks and crits. I’m wondering what else to do. I need fresh eyes to spot the things I overlook and can improve on!

Hornless Unicorn: Now I am back to the tentacle thing. Raspberry jellyfishes! The fruit that stings! :smiley:

Ferx: Hey you are not the only one thinking that. Didier pointed it out for me as well at office. This suggestion has alot of merit! I’m gonna apply that when I get home.

mdavid: Hi Mark! Thank you! The idea of the translucent alien vessel comes quite out of the blue. Its really fun to just try to let the painting evolve on its own.

Donglu-LittleFish: Thank you for the kind remarks, Donglu. Yes, I made my own custom brushes for this. However, for the smooth and reflective ship, I use the default Photoshop brush. Thanks for telling me not to add the rain! Too much salt spoil the soup! :slight_smile:

Argopo: Thank you for your feedbacks, Jose! How do you mean by more randomness? Add more of them? Or put them not too close to one another? Thank you for liking my work too!

MartinNielsen: Yes, everyone is telling me to stop adding anything more. Thank you, Martin! :slight_smile:

walrus: Heya Mike. Its not truly finished. It’s ‘finished’ for the extreme critique stage part where everyone gets to tell me what does not really work. The bright blue burst of light at the bottom of the ship is actually the ship spotlights, which they use to scan for survivors. It is really quite bright so that they can see things better, they are rescuers after all. But if you say that it is too distracting, I’ll try to tone it down! Thanks for this good feedback, Mike!

HornlessUnicorn: Hi Dimitrij: No problem, I will see how I can improve the chimp. Thank you for pointing that out.

shauncharles: Thank you, Shaun! It is a good question about what the girl is looking at. The original purpose would be that she is looking into the space, the place of their salvation from the attacking rock-jellyfishes, desperately hoping that they will make it safely. But since this doesn’t really read so well since we cannot see the space in this angle, the purpose becomes moot for the viewers. So I’m going to make her stare at the nearest rock-jellyfish instead (as suggested by Didier as well). Adding the rain might obscure the details too much. For instance, I would have to paint the splashing rain droplets on the windscreen thus obstructing what is inside the ship. Yeah, I spotted the design mistake on the rim there. Hey, we have plenty of time left in this competition, so please do not worry too much about it. I’m going to use the time left to fix and improve this painting. Thank you again, Shaun! :slight_smile:

Didier: Hey man, thank you very much for your continuous support and critiques. I really agree with your reasoning to tweak the color for better blending. Toning down the white light inside the cockpit is truly a sound idea! Hehe, Thanks for liking my strawberries! :slight_smile:

On to further improvements then!


hi, you did pretty impressive work - I really like the environment compostion and colors, ship concept could have been a little better imho.


The electricity totally sells the piece. Very menacing. This is coming along famously. fantastic work!



Hi Jerome, That’s brilliant man, fantastic work!. I have to say something though, I think maybe the ship is not contrasted enough from the far background to give the impresion of flying at high altitude, maybe you could lighten up a bit that backgound, also I must agree with Walrus about the blue flare, I find it too big and distracting and the horizontal glow disturbs the composition. I know I’m a total jerk as your image is wonderful and full of nice details, but you have still time to end a winning piece.


Strong image!..the background is icredible and the lights are very well done! also the vehicle design is interesting and original. well done!!:beer:


It looks so slick all through, brilliant ship design… I’d comment though, if I may, that some elements might look better if they stood up from the background a little more? Truly superb entry anyhow!:thumbsup:


Great illustration! Congratulations for finishing it!


Here’s a before and after comparison. I’ve tweaked the background tone and colours, making it lighter and added warm blending tones in the sunlit area. I’ve also tone down the ship spotlight, reduced the size of the blue flare line, improved the chimp, made the girl look at the rock-jellyfishes in front of her and other minor details like adding scratches to the ship. The new details can’t be seen in this small version, so I’ll be posting the single full version shortly.


mant-Raz: Hi Przemek, thank you for your comments. I decided to go for a more simple ship design to complement the simple alien design. So that none will look superior over another. Just my own theory.

sasquatch70: Thank you. I like to paint electricity! :slight_smile:

Ramitxon: Hi Ramon, thanks for great suggestions! I’ve toned down (lightened) the background to make the foreground elements pop up a bit more. I’ve also reduced the blue flare at the ship’s spotlight. Again, great suggestions! Thanks!

OZ: Thank you, Fabio! Glad you like the ship design.

harachte: Hi Raul, Thank you too. I’ve improved the BG. Hope this is better!

medunecer: Hi Marco, this is not finished yet. Just almost there. I am waiting to see if there are anymore improvements I can put in. Need fresh eyes.


yeah! very much better nice touch with the strawberry refleccion on that cokpit!can can lah!!


I’ve compiled colour variations of the same piece. It seems that each colour palette gives different kinds of feel. Please share with me which one you like best. Thank you.


I really like this new version a lot better. Nice work on those last fixes. Only remaining comment I have is that the reflection on the front viewscreen feels a bit too solid and opaque. But aside form that (and I’m not even totally certain about that one point) I’d say it’s done. Congrats!

Edit: ooops, i was posting my comment the same time as you were posting your color options. I still like the original: The green really looks nice in the composition, it’s interesting, it makes it feel like a planet. And out of the 2 green compositions, the original has the rock-jellyfish darker, which makes them feel more in the scene foreground where they should be. So I like the one before you made other tries at the color. Sorry! :slight_smile:

Anyhow, nice work.


yo wen han i agree wit walruss for that reflecion my favorite goes to number 4!great job!


Wow nice work! I’d say there are all winers, but I like number 4 the best.



Nice improvement since the last time I ve seen this thread, I really like how you change the strong white background and the hard contrasted color change to something more soft and smooth. And the reflection is a perfect add. :applause:

My favortie are the 3 and the 4 but it depend how you want to tell the story, what you wanna tell.

Anyway it’s a beautyfull piece of art! Good luck! :beer:


Awesome image, Jerome! Just awesome. Love the changes you made. As for the colour versions it’s very difficult to say. I like the original and the other variations as well. From the new variations I probably like 2 and 4 best. 4 has a very nice warm feel to it.
But the original one is also good…

Again - very beautifull image! Congratulations!! It’s amazing…:bowdown:

All the best, Dimitrij.


It’s tough choosing a favorite because when I look at each one I want to choose it. But in my opinion number 4 is the best, followed closely by number 1


I also think 1 and 4 are the best, though they are all great!


Hi Jerome beautiful sketch , nice environnement and wonderful colors . For the choice it would be the 2 or the 4 . With a little more fore the 2.


I’ll vote 2 and 4, because the palettes are more connected here. And with all these things going in the picture, these two palettes help binding the picture together. Great work :slight_smile: