Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Jerome Moo Wen Han


Your painting with evolved/moved good, the bottom is well managed. If
I can deliver an opinion on the vessel, I think that you should dice
saturate the color in the shade and to be less dark with the back, to
be more realistic with the environment. Good courage for the


this is looking beautiful! Love the perspective. the clouds are fantastic. And the metal of the craft is well done with all the reflectios and lighting.


The background colors are superb Jeromoo. The alien jellyfish concept is crazy, i like it.



really loving the progress. your background is superb and your craft design is really nice.
good work man!


Ehaaa! jeromo. nice work so far. i see you are still crazy about clouds after “IRONMAIDEN” dm work! .


When painting the planned alien rock jellyfishes, I find that the adding tentacles to the aliens might clutter up the painting by too much, so I made them tentacle-free (Maybe later I will try a smaller variety of tentacles instead). I also made the ‘rock-jellyfishes’ into an alien vessel. When they fly in front of a source of light, the bio-translucent rock that form the outer wall of the alien vessels reveals the alien pilot within.

I am still working on the rest of the alien ships.


firebolide: Thank you!

sasquatch70: Thank you, Brad.

Donglu-LittleFish: Thank you too, Donglu.

Walrus: Hi Mike, thank you for your feedbacks! What do you think of the alien ships?

Hornless Unicorn: Thank you, Dimitrij.

dinodog78: Hi there, Peng Yueh. Long time no see! Yeah, I think this one is a big improvement over what I’ve done so far.

Tranchefeux: Hi Eric. That’s a very good feedback! I will apply the gradual lightness at the back of the ship in my following updates! Thank you again!

Andy–Jones: Thank you Andy. I’m gonna dirty up the metal later. Hopefully I won’t spoil it afterwards.

GaeasHerald: Thank you Gerardo. I am a big fan of environment works. As for the alien jellyfish concept, I’ve changed it. Hope this one is ok?

Neubius: Thank you for checkin up on my progress, Alwyn.

chilombiano: Hey Daniel. I’m always a fan of clouds even before that ‘IRONMAIDEN’ DM work :slight_smile:


Cool :slight_smile: I like how this is developing.

Give me a spoon! :slight_smile: hehe…




yo wen han those alien rock jellyfishes are crazy nice very realistic the texture is great! the image is comin bery nice:arteest:


Hey Jerome, awesome image!! I really like the great atmosphere on your concept, the details are amazing and the lighting on the whole scene is cool!! Maybe some traces of light through the clouds on the right dark side, I feel a bit that the image is half on light and half on dark with out a mixing zones , only a comment :slight_smile: Again, great work!! Cheers mate :beer:


It is wonderful how polished and original and well-crafted your work is. It’s a real treat watching you work. I love that idea of the aliens being visible when their craft has the light behind it


I’m almost done here. I would like to hear your opinions on it before i finalize it. WIll be sending some closeups shortly.

I planned to add some rain, but figured it will be overkill.


Here are some closeups. Many details are lost in the full and downsized version used in the submission.


Splendid! I enjoy how the colors and the light are beautifully intertwined. Great use of textures too! Did you create some custom brushes for the textures?

As for the rain, I think it might take the viewer’s attention away to enjoy the colorfulness of the clouds you have there.

great work, thumbs up!!!


The rain would have been overkill. As it stands its an exception work.

My only crit would be that all the action is centered around the middle. The alien jellyfish may benefit from more randomness. But, that is a very tiny critique.

Otherwise, top to bottom, subject to execution, its an admirable piece.


Very nice designs :slight_smile: I agree that you should stop adding more elements now.


Wow, you finished that up really quickly! Looks great. My main comment would be that I’m not sure what the big blue/white burst is for on the front of the ship. It’s become the main focal point of the iamge - it’s the brightest, coolest spot on the canvas, so my eyes tend to skip over everythign else and go right to that point. It’s pretty distracting, and takes the attention away from everything else in the scene, which I don’t think is great for the rest of the piece. But that’s just my thoughts on it.




Hey Geromo! Awesome work!:applause:

I don’t have any serious critique - the only thing that I noticed and would change - maybe work out the chimp’s face a bit, somehow it doesn’t look 100% okay.

All the best,



I gotta hand it to ya, this is looking really amazing! :slight_smile:
I like how the light passes through the rock creatures so we can see a bit of silhouette of the creatures, which also makes sense for the tentacles ( a little shorter than I imagined).
This peice gets me thinking about what happened to upset these little guys. I like that this is a rescue ship, and not just some stranded ship trying to escape. It gives a bit more story to me, like what may or may not have been left behind (ship or character). The rain would be a lot of work I think. For a question, what is the girl with her hands on the glass looking at? Lastly, I am glad to see you fixed the rim between the two “windshields” to have the angle on the left like you had the right, it wasn’t showing the form correctly before. Now it looks much better. I’m going to have a hard time catching up, Awesome work! Love it. :slight_smile:


yo wen han very fast progress i really like it! maybe my only crit would be about the pink sky i will try something warmer…orange…yellow i think it would be blend better with the other colors…also put a bit less strong the white in the cockpit…but i really love that aliens strawberries or jellyfishes whatever…:wavey: