Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Jerome Moo Wen Han


sasquatch70: Thank you for the kind feedbacks!

Didier: Hi there, pal. What’s up with using my other name? :stuck_out_tongue: Only special people can use it! :slight_smile: Thanks for the feedbacks!

shauncharles: Hi Shaun, yes, those are very good observation. Thanks for sharing your viewpoints with me. I hope the end result will look balanced and not too clashing with the multi-coloured background. After painting the ship, I’ll paint the rock-jellyfishes. I have some cool ideas for them…hmmm…


This is my latest update on the ship for the night. I decided to insert the familiar theme from the original Uplift Universe and replaced the wounded alien and the eyeball alien in the sketch with sickly Neo- Dolphin and Neo Chimpanzee respectively.



Really good job, I love the color, and the background is gorgeous!!!

Keep it this way!

A thread to follow for sure.:beer:


love the colour of the ship! :slight_smile: plus it’s interior lighting, will there be dirt textures on the ship?
really looking forward to your updates! :bounce: good work! :thumbsup:


looking really good so far mate !


SuperXCM: Hey Simone, thank you for dropping by! I hope to be able to be consistent throughout the whole thing.

nwiz25: Thank you neville! Yes, I will add some dust and grime and scars from the attack by the rock-jellyfishes accumulated onto the ship during the rescue attempt. But not so much because it is supposed to be a well-maintained vehicle. I’m having a good deal of fun with this painting. Can’t wait to go home and continue!

bearfoot: Thank you, Neil! :slight_smile: CHeers


I really have nothing to crit at this stage, seeing your latest concept you seem to be well on your way…and very disciplined i might add :D.

Love the concepts :D.



Great work so far. I find your background is brilliant man.


The painterly-posterly-style of the image feels somehow both old and movie-like to me, like science-fiction movie posters of old. And that is all good! You have your own style but the feel of it, to me, has the mentioned connection.

Going with the neo-dolphing and chimp looks like a very good choice to me.

BTW are the humans inside of the same family? The men look like brothers and the woman is not much different.


This is really coming together so well, and I’m loving watching the stages of this one. I don’t have any crits or advice to offer just my encouragement :slight_smile: Looking forward to the finished article :slight_smile:


You have a really cool concept here and you’re doing and excellent job painting it. I am looking forward to seeing the final.

Matt :slight_smile:


This entry is coming along Jerome. I love the variation of texture that you’re emplementing. Nothing to crit so far. :thumbsup:


I decided to stop working on the ship for the moment to work on the alien rock jellyfishes. This way, I can have better bearing on their reflections on the ship, where to place the assault scars, and all the lighting effects.


LightSovereign: Hi Marley, thanks for your comments. Yeah, I’m forcing myself to be very patient while painting. I have the tendency to become impatient and go for the simplistic routine, but this time, I am training my own discipline.

Ramitxon: Hi Ramon, thanks for liking it!

Sleepyghost: Hi Niko. Yeah, it does certainly reflect the points you mention. I do like the old style because they feel so classic! Classic Sci Fi all the way! Thank you for confirming my choice of replacing the random aliens with the neo-dolphin and chimp. I do not really have the human characters firmly established in mind when I paint. I decided just to let the stylus pen guide me in creating their characters and their personalities. I’m just the audience in this one! :slight_smile: So, after seeing the final look for the humans, then yeah, they all must be family!

Pearlyking: Thank you for your continous encouragements, my friend! Appreciate it!

mmbenya: Hi matt, thank you for liking it and dropping by. I’m doing the best I can.

beelow: Hi Bryce, thank you! :slight_smile: I plan on adding some interesting textures to the ship later.


It’s so wonderful~!
It’s amazing job!


I love the translucence on the appendages of the ship. Looking great!


The reflection on the ship is already beautifully rendered! Great job, can’t wait to see more!


Love the ship wings, Jerome! And the lighting in the cockpit, and the way you’ve painted the viewscreen glass… It’s all looking great! :thumbsup:


Wowee! This is going to be great! Looks awesome already :slight_smile:


The environment is indeed superior & haunting my emotion for a while.

The spacecraft is cute. Love the X-ray legs concept…
Interesting character on the board.

This image have to look at big scale. Too many details to study.

Enjoy the progress until now!.

Good job, jeromoo~ This is one of the best piece i like from you now.