Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Jerome Moo Wen Han


great colors on the enviroment!


HornlessUnicorn: Hi Dimitrij, thanks for dropping by!

Walrus: Hey Mike! Long time no see! You might be right about the piece being a little claustrophobic for this kind of concept, so I’ll expand the canvas and see how it goes. I’ll widen it too to make it feel more cinematic. Orange ship sounds perfect for a lifesaving vehicle! Great tips there, Walrus! Thank you!

PearlyKing: Hi Bill, thank you for your comments. I will check yours out too!

Jassar: Hi Jassar, thank you kindly for your comments!

Sleepyghost: Thank you, Niko! :slight_smile:

HFix: Hi Holly, thanks!


yo Jerome very nice start lovely colors in the background!! looks like davinci ultraoldschool paint awesome! keep goin!


Good luck dude, looks fantastic at the moment! :slight_smile:


Awesome sketch, I love the style.

Background painting is superb, lovin’ the detail!

I’m going to be keeping an eye on this entry as it’s looking very good.


Cool to have you here, Jerome!

watching :thumbsup:


Hey Jerome! I like your start. You’re doing a great painting (…and you’re very fast!). Good luck!


To add to what the walrus has said, I think expanding left would be ideal. Slick update though. I love the textures and colors that you have chosen. This one is shaping up to be an interesting piece. :thumbsup:


[left]Hello MOo, im still waiting in my office! :slight_smile:



I agree with the comments so far - the background is amazing and beautiful. I’m hoping the colour you choose for the ship stands out well against the background, like Mike’s suggestion of orange. It’s fantastic watching this image develop - your illustration is truly superb


Hello, there is here a great potential which I will follow.


Hey Jerome ! Long time no see ! ( since Journey Begin :wink: )
Your color palette and background is really already awesome. I’m ok with walrus about a orange tint to boost your volumes and focal point. I notice a place too for some “dark desaturate violet” touch.
May be you can win with the deep by adding antother spaceship with the same design, more down and little. ( under attack ? lol )
Good luck


I’ve widened the canvas following Walrus’ advice. I’ve left some part unfinished because I’m going to add some clouds later which will cover some of the areas. Still need to fix the tone of the overall depth, will sort it out later. Feedbacks are welcome.

I’m off to bed now.


Jaba153: Heya Didier! Thanks for your kind words. I love 'em old masters style definitely, but I also want to try to keep it loose too and not too stiff. Hope I can accomplish that.

MasonRoberts: Heya Mason, nice to see you again since Journey Begins! thanks for your comments!

headtrip: Thank you for liking my sketch! I enjoy painting the landscape very much. I looked at alot of aerial view references for inspiration.

joana: Hola minha amiga, Joana! Thank you for watching! Bom Dia!

medunecer: Hello Marco, thank you for checking it out! But I am not that fast. I like to try to take my time on this one while the contest last.

beelow: Heya Bryce. That’s definitely a great idea. I implemented that in my new update. Is it wide enough? Thank you for your comments, mate!

chilombiano: Daniel, are you STILL waiting in the office? :slight_smile:

mdavid: Thank you, Mark! I am definitely going for orange! The color is synonym for life guards (or was that red?).

Tranchefeux: Hi Eric, thank you for checking it out! :slight_smile:

DeeVad: Hey there David! ong time no see since The Journey Begins! Oh, you think some part will be great for some dark desaturated violet hues? Ok, I shall try it out and see how that turns out. Purple goes well with yellow! Thanks for this idea! Another spaceship? Yes, within the context, it is plausible to have another lifesaving ship to rescue more victims. Will see if I can fit it all in later. Thank you! :slight_smile:


I’ve applied a slight pinkish violet hues to the top left side where the sunlight comes. I’ve started to add the clouds but I am not entirely satisfied with how they look yet. Will look at them again tomorrow with a fresh eye. What are your opinions?


I’ve tweaked the colors of the whole piece and improved/detailed the clouds further. Now I am going to paint the ship and its passengers.

It will be a fun weekend!


Wow! Fantastic detail allready. great colour pallette too. Can’t wait to see more.


yo wen han i like i lot those colors for the ship …bery nice


This is a wonderful painting so far. This will be very intersting to see how you handle the lighting of the alien rock/jellyfish around the ship. again, this is really amazing so far, I look forward to the finish. The expression of the humans is what I am waiting for, and the way you characterize the rock/jellyfish’s mood (or intent) upon the human/alien group in the ship. The choice of red is bold and brings the ship right to the front while still remaning dark, allowing for good contrast later to make it a focal point when you add the lighter values.


Painting the ship and her passengers. Here, I painted the pilot and its cockpit. I plan to add a co-pilot at the backseat. Wondering if I should make it a human or alien… most probably a human.

For the ship itself, I plan to add more well-worn textures later in the painting stage, especially with scratches caused by the flying rock jellyfishes.