Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Jerome Moo Wen Han


Jerome Moo Wen Han is entered in the “Uplift Universe Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: The Rescue Assaulted


Great to see you here too, I cannot wait to see what you are going to create for this one !!!

You dont need luck, have FUN !!


Here’s my conceptual sketch done in Painter.

I decided to go for a simple concept this time. Here, the concept can be about a rescue mission; the alien pilot rescued the stranded humans and aliens from something (maybe an exploding ship); or; its an abduction.


this should be sweet. great sketch jerome!


Or maybe it’s an interstellar roller coaster ride.


Well here looks to be an interesting thread, definately going to watch the progress here.


I can see haw good is gonna look already.! but wanna see more concepts!


Slav: Hi, Slav, thanks for dropping by! I will check out yours too!

FrankCSlimski: Hehe, that’s a rad idea! I think I wanna go for a more serious tone in this one instead. Thank you for your suggestion! :smiley:

HammaJamma: Hi there, thanks for commenting!

chilombiano: Hey Daniel, I plan to do more concepts of the spaceship. Trying to nail down an unique look for the alien spacecraft. As for the concept of the painting itself, I like this one, so I will go for it straight on.


I’ve widened the canvas, revised the ship design and added some extra elements to give some story to the scene. I consider this step as my final line art and I will begin the painting process soon!

As for the story concept, I’ve settled on the rescue theme: the alien pilot rescued the band of humans and aliens from a strange place and during their escape attempt, they were surprised and assaulted by a school of strange space jellyfishes that are comprised of rocks, and energy tentacles.


aha , that look much better. now it has a context!

Looking forward to see more!


Sup Jerome! Nice sketches and welcome to the challenge. Good luck with your entry.:thumbsup:


wow ,that looks really good jerome:)great sketches and it looks very solid:thumbsup:


Your sketches are fantastic. I love seeing stuff like this! I’m looking forward to watching this progress


Now I am painting the environment. I start with the ground surface first, then later, I will add some clouds hovering above it. Painting is the fun part!

I’m stopping for the night. Will continue tomorrow.


chilombiano: Hi Daniel, thanks for the comments. I’ve started painting already. Talk to you at work tomorrow!

MichaelZHSee: Hey Mike, thanks for the comment! All the best and hope to see some updates from you too!

beelow: Hello Bryce! Thanks for the welcome! All the best to you too!

mdavid: Thank you, Mark. Have fun with your entry too! I’ll check on your progress too!


Wow! This looks very impressive already! I’ll be following this thread that’s for sure.



Good to see you here, Jerome! Gorgeous job on the background! Although I think you could expand it further: it’s feeling a bit claustrophobic for a flying scene. Have you picked out a color yet for your ship? You probably already have ideas, but I’d bet orange would look great against that landscape. Good luck!



Judging by what I’ve seen so far I think I will have to keep a close eye on how this develops! Excellent sketches, cool concept.


Totally amazing painting Jerome!! I love it.
Good luck :slight_smile:


Lovely colors, sweet idea and a great sketch. Will follow this. Rock on!