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its been long since i was in a challenge and i have no idea where to start…good luck to all those in this


concept sketch for uplift war fiben irongrip center stage iknow im very late but ive been working moving and struggling to think of ways to enter the video even tho i never did anything video before so i hope the judges have mercy that is if i finish


some colour


a close up


added some colour to the background i sampled some colours from a jungle scene but but i think i’ll change it


COOL! cool monkeys! love it!


Long time no see Jason! Welcome to the challenge and good luck. I like the ape so far, Nice colors and nice action. Where is the human and alien interaction though? I think that is something that you want to look into getting in this image. Good luck.


whats up beelow , it has been long thanks for the post …ill be updating tomorrow with the human and alien still putting some guburu. hope i finish


Impressive start, very dynamic! Can’t wait tommorow :wink:


i changed the position on the gorilla and chimp raised them higher crop the sides off as well to mske the more of the focal point, and to give me more room for the other elements.


bear in mind i started like five days ago and i have to leave home to get an internet connection so i saved my process stages and continued to work, therefore im posting them all at once… in this stage i changed the birdlike guburu aliens from the forground i hated them , i added my human and a few distant chimps in battle.


refined the human and som background elements.


ok real close to the end if i was careless i would leave it here, any way…heres the update, alien girl,more guburu aliens and some laser effects. im working the details as i post so next i’ll post the final image, i cant afford to wait till tommorow.


ok like i said before based on the stuff i read from the uplift war excerpt thats was posted for inspiration and the other bits and pieces, i came up with this …i so wanted to do this in video but i quit that …so here goes , planet garth my verson is under attack by guburu invaders (the bird creatures) for those who did not read anything … the alien girl Athaclena and human Robert together with chimps to fight the invaders …in the center fiben the main chimp character againts irongrip the gorilla from evil side, i dont actually know if he is evil but thats how i have it …this is a loose representation since i have not read the book …


The neochip likes Disco style. I think the composition is quite dinamic. I see the rapid move of strong attack:cool: Hope you good luck


Great work, Cool action scene and I like how you designed Athaclena, Love the style of the image
Good luck :thumbsup:


You have done a very good image.
I can see the motion there.
Hurry up


Very good action scene. And excellent style :thumbsup:


Woww, luv that mood and colors!
Great work!