Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Jack Zhang


Jack Zhang is entered in the “Uplift Universe Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Work In Progress: Hiding_from_the_scouts


Phase 1(March 20th - Apirl 10th): Modeling. 3 characters
Week 1: girl
day 1-2: head
day 3: hand
day 4-5 body
day 6: outfit retouch + weapon
day 7: rig

Week 2: neo chimp
day 1: head
day 2: hand
day 3-4: body
day 5: outfit retouch + weapon
day 6: rig

Week 3: Gubru
day 1-2: design
day 3-4: head
day 5: hand
day 6-7: body
day 8: outfit retouch + weapon
day 9: rig

Phase 2 (April 10th - April 20th): Texturing. 3 characters. average of 3 days each.

Phase 3 (April 21th - May 10th): Rendering. PS retouch.


phase_1, day_02, girl head mesh complete on time.


hey Jack

I really like the head of the girl, the way you have combine straight lines and rounded forms in the design is excellent!


Hello jack
really cool design




recycled a suit mesh from another personal project. with some tweaking,trying to match the cartoonish head.


emm. interesting. i got double post.


Nice start and your planning seems reasonable. The models face is great and you have a nice style tied with it. Look forward to your further posts.


Yep, that’s a very very nice Style! :slight_smile:


Cool! Good luck in the contest!


day 3, girl body mesh wip.
don’t like the shoes very much. fixing.


a quick color test.


huuu…great character and fast modeling !!
Wish you the best in this contest, is seems that’s in a good way.


Wow, that looks outstanding! Great schedule and selection of subjects :thumbsup: .


Thanks guys for your visit and encouragement. It seems like i’m a little bit a head of the schedule right now. I will try to finish her by Tuesday.


awesome heels on them boots


Nice model,

I join nochuss previous post, i like the shoes. seems to be spring shoes. :wink:

Good luck on this challenge.



Impressive work. I’ll follow this thread eagerly.


Wow, talk about being organized! I only wish I was that organized. I realize I’m decidely a newbie here, but I’d say you were off to a great start!



added some detail on the waist for keeping consistency of style. refined her legs and butt. redesign her boots this afternoon.

this is day 4. I am on the schedule.