Uplift Universe - Image Entry: J.C. Borges Coelho


J.C. Borges Coelho is entered in the “Uplift Universe Challenge” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Final Image: Sundiver Expedition


I did a little alien to test the Silo -> XSI pipeline :\

He’s the type of doodle I used to sneak on the back of my school pads…
Not the style I’m planning to use hence not submitted to the contest.
Just trying to “break the ice” a little?

Thinking of a really basic concept to exercise my modeling skills and learn to take it all the way to a finished image. Due to self-admitted newbness I'm going for a really simple concept:
   I want to create an image of a future scuba diving girl and an alien dolphin in uniform.
   Don't know what Brin calls the alien Dolphin race yet.
 But very simply a moment of contact between the human girl and the intelligent dolphin swimming together. There's a chance that I may be able to take something this simple to a real finish.
   So "scuba girl and dolphin" to come.


Here’s a first concept sketch. I don’t know if the girl will have blonde hair waving underwater or if the colour scheme will stay. I want her to be almost sci-fi pinup quality and the dolphin to look hi-tech strange and alien. Of course a lucky fish as well. I somehow imagine volumetric alien lights since the pair should be near the surface. This based on the fact that both humans and neo-dolphins surface for water preety often, apparently.


Got a bit of a head start on Neo’s base mesh. Just quickly sorting out dolphin topology and preparing for brushing away already.

I decided to diverge from the concept a little. Maybe dolphins, like humans, cannot open their mouth underwater without starting to drown.

They do come up for air preety often. So he’s keeping his mouth shut.



(duplicate post)


Base mesh coming along. Laying out topology for a while still - until there’s enough. Won’t get too far with detail down the line since I’m planning to use more traditional maps, such as bump, albedo and specular rather than taking things into the millions of polys.


Trotting along… is that an eye coming along I see…


Have been learning the XSI rendertree and also sorting a workflow for the modeler.
Looking at options like Albedo, specular, bump and displacement. Here’s a test render for the neo-dolphin’s eye. Not important since it should end up pretty small scale in a larger picture. No maps here.


 I've been trying to find out how far I can take the poly count on this old worstation.

Here’s a million polys test render, looks like the gigapolygon core is really holding.
More progress on the dolphin soon, here’s something on the meantime.

Back to the brush for now.


Almost done with the neo dolphin’s head.
Here’s a view.




Toned down some of the detail.


Found some more time for working on Flip’s head. He’s almost done I’ll post some more views sometime. Also have to move on soon.


Here’s the different views of the base mesh for the dolphin’s head.


Test render with a Lambert material.


Um, no comments? :eek:

Hopefully the dolphin isn’t that ugly?
Heck, more to come soon anyway, body has to be next and then the props.
Then the mapping I think, also the concept might change soon.

This deadline is becoming pretty tight already, and I’ll be on my own, looks like?


Some girl company for the neo dolphin


Started on the head for the female figure. Using an old base mesh and many changes to go. Plus her features will be re-done with brushes.


Dude, that dolphin is looking fantastic, can’t wait to see how the girl turns out.


I think I’m happy with her base now. Brushes to go and she’s getting her body soon. Um in the future make-up is all waterproof and she’s not wearing the mask cause she’s near the surface. Or she might even lose her sex appeal.