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Hello Everyone! Nice to go into after hours madness with you again!!

Well, I read the text about the theme and I think if humans are to uplift a species that should be geckos (octopuses are more fit, but they could be too dangerous if they revolted). So, I just started drawing a nice gex girl and that’s it. I just don’t know what kind of scene I did, looks like an airport and she’s showing you the way, mmmmh… I could start from that.
As for the human part of it I’m too lazy to think bout’ it now so maybe soon…
Anyway, I wanna doodle things a bit before I start thinking about it too seriously, Last time I felt bad because I skipped that part and started the challenge with a single concept and never went back, This is, I think a really good opportunity for a crazy idea to surface, and I’m gonna give it it’s due time.

I’ll love to hear of all of you, have fun and take it easy so we’ll survive for the next one :smiley:



Hey Gabriel, really cool to see you in this challenge!! I know that be great. I cant wait to see your “experiments” :smiley: on the concept. Your initial sketch is great, like a lot the Gecko girl :smiley: (she has a nice sexy tail :D) Good luck Gabriel, and ready for the long nights ahead (prepared tequila :D) Cheers my friend :beer:


hey pal
nice girl! … you always have the sexiest ones! =)

This is a good concept! it would be cool to see humans get inside the spaceship or something like that =)

Good luck pal!
I can’t wait to see your piece finished! =)


Great to see you back Gabriel, i like the gecko idea.



I Love to see the good old pals visiting! make yourself at home!
Ferx, It’s a honor you’re my first poster, You always keeping track of the new stuff, I hope we’ll see you join after DWIII.:buttrock:
Filipe buddy, It’s great to see you joined now, I figured out those little dark thingies as any kind of people, and maybe they could be a mix of aliens and humans, I’ll pounder that.:slight_smile:
Handlebar, So nice to see you, I said this is just one of many doodles but I’m growing fond of her, I better start drawing some ugly brute alien so I don’t get stuck with her right away :smiley:

Some more to come as soon I can shake off work a bit.

Thank you very much fellas.:love:


Hey it’s great to see you in this and off to a great start too. 49 days, 6 hours, 47 minutes, 29 seconds eh? Trust me, you’ll be fine and you won’t even need those 29 seconds!

Gecko girl sounds like a cool option. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with


WOW A cute sexy start! from other worlds!:scream:

I like the sexy tale! thats hot my friend! :thumbsup: Soo good to see you in this challenge I will join you after I am done with some magic over the sea haha!:arteest: I know this will be an excellent demonstration of art and clever composition skills like you always do! And since Fer it’s adding the tequila already maybe I should do the café! yay! haha…:wavey:

Always wishing you the best! And Have fun!:wip:


Great start Gabriel! She’s so hot and the sketch has a great feeling.

I feel that you’ll do great things here! Good luck my friend and see you soon!


Seeing how good you were in the last challenge I wonder if I should give up now! Good luck to you :slight_smile:


hey welcome back. just wanted to stop by and check out what you where up to. :slight_smile:


A sexy gecko. Pretty cool. I am waiting to see how your entry will turn out. Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Hi Gabriel Nice to see you back I’m sure it’s gonna be a pleasure to follow your work , as usual and it start really really well . Good luck my friend ?


How you doin’ buddy ? Great to see you around ! Thanks for your post. your gex girl is so cool… looking forward to see your next concepts. Cheers mate good luck and have fun :beer:


Hi Gabriel!!!

Nice to see your thread, hehe, Im lookiking forward to see more concepts from you, and of course the final masterpiece that will come out later :smiley: (just a bit of pressure, hehe, thats what we’re all expecting from you, you know, hehee)



Hi! I’m trying hard to catch with all things going on now, This is a second concept that I happen to sorta like. Please let me know what you think of it, It’ is a shame I wouldn’t find a good place for the gexgirl in this one but, eh… we’ll see.

This is a pretty much everyday scene of interplanetary commerce: the delivering of cargo, which is always a good chance to greet the ol’ pals.
I’m not too good with aliens so mine are based in cranes, I guess that’s a good way to start, and they will evolve a lot still, so suggestions are all welcome…


That’s a really nice idea. I like it a lot. Perhaps the composition could be extended, made wider, towards the left a little bit. But I know this is only really early anyway. I like that outfit the giant alien is wearing. Great stuff


i love both of them! I can even see them in 3d with my hard-line style!!


the last concept is just amazing with this big aliens and smal children around … really cool one …

can’t wait to see your developments Gabriel :slight_smile:


Great perspective! It’s coming a cool image!