Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fernando Porcel


Congratulations my Friend! :slight_smile: Very nice entry, this one :slight_smile:

Cheers! :beer:


Congrats my friend! I love the action in this one :slight_smile:


Hey Fernando,

Nice one, very dynamic, characters look great, love the lighting.
So doing a band in action a pretty good idea huh.
Maybe I’m taking up on this sometime, started the guitarist already a while back…
Really cool that you’ve finished as well :beer:

PS-- WAIT! Did you say tequila bottle? With a worm in it? I’m in!


Hi dude,
Finally u get a very cool image. Last color details works really good.
Congratulations my friend!!!


Hey Fernando, congratulations for finishing such a good image again!
Those last touches you added were really great, good joooob!!

and of course unas chelas bien muertas --> :beer:


aaa! I am such a bad friend at last! in here ! haha ok so I wake up from my eternal sleep to say WOW WOW WOW:buttrock::lightbulb:cool:

I want to hear that Pink Floyd. band while I see this it does have the energy in the colors and composition in all the details, its like even when I see the big statues were the drum blue jelly fish guy is , I see my self there watching the amazing galactic band ! The details are superb, you know how much I love details so, and I really like them all:arteest:

:thumbsup: IT’S also soooo great to see how fast now you are working and with the highest level of quality as well! Always great to see you imagination buddy but this one it’s a galactic one so it’s in higher grounds hahaha:bounce:

VAMOS A DORMIRS! y bebers y mucho shukiii jajaja!


Iban - Thanks my friend! Followed your nice suggestion for rim light on the audiende hands! Thanks again! Cheers!! :smiley:

Sergio - Thanks my friend! Glad that you liked the background. I´m try a more bit “conceptual” idea on the image. Cheers!! :smiley:

Mathias - Thanks kompis. Really glad that you liked the keyboards design, and thanks for your great support my friend!! Hope to found a copy of the album because is totally sold out hahahahah :smiley:

Axel - Thanks my friend!! and the Jelly Fish guy sends greetings to you, he likes his name :smiley: Nice to read that you liked the background concept, thanks for your great support my friend !!

Paul - Thanks mate for your kind words. You are right and followed your suggestion and added 2 more “jelly tubes” on that part of the organic keyboard :smiley:

Mark - Thanks my friend! Your comments are always welcomed. I´m take your clever suggestion and add that detail on the keyboards. Thanks for pointing that!! Cheers my friend :smiley:

Gabriel - Really thanks my friend and really glad that to like the concept, composition and the background idea. You are right, I always have problem with elbows… hahahahaha, but, like you say, the drummer is an alien, an alien from rubberland planet… hahahaha kiding :smiley: Cheers!!

Spin - Thanks my friend for your kind words ! Your words were an extra motivation to finished the concept! Cheers! :slight_smile:

Niko - Thanks mate!! Really glad that you liked the caracter designs, and the guitar guy. You are rigth, nice suggestion about the backlighting, thanks!! :smiley:

Daniel - Gracias por dejarte caer por aqui! Y mucha suerte para ti también! :smiley:


Hey again Fernando!
I think I finally figured out the patent behind the jellyfish_rubber player! It’s a wild guess,
but I think I’m on to him more or less!
You see, he’s got some pretty coarse skin on his palms, probably because he works in a
Tiberium mine in the daytime, and when he rubs those sandpaper_like palms on the back
of those delicate and thin jellyfishes, he makes them scream, very loud, out of pain!
Those screams are then channeled through a few phase_shifters and filters, evolving to
more pleasant, rythmic screams, which adds a lot to the dundring noise of the band!
Man, how I wish I could hear those screams unfiltered!
see you around, buddy!


Well done Fernando!

It’s finished, excellent work, good to see that you were able to finish in time. Looks great.



Congrats for your finished peace :wink:


Iban - thanks again my friend !! A cañazos terminé el concepto jajajajaja :smiley:

Gabriel - thanks friend! Thanks for the encouragement !! ( y que viva el rock’n roll !!! :D)

Torsten - thanks my friend for your great support!! Cheers!! :beer:

Mark - many thanks buddy! I owed you the glow idea on the keyboards, thanks!! :smiley:

Pierre - thanks mate for your madrisimas words :smiley: !! Really glad that you liked the concept!

Mathias - thanks my friend. I didn´t know what to do with the stage :smiley: Glad that you noticed the metal head for the keyboards guy!! Cheers :beer:


Wow…this has changed since I last looked. Fantastic…love the depth of field especially the hands in the front. Fantastic. Well done and good luck!


Hi Fernando!!!Been a while.
You did an excellent job there and indeed the depth of field is great man!
hey, where’s the tequila?LOLLLLL
Hope I can be in here with you guys next time!
Anyway great job and congratz on finishing man!
Best of luck to you buddy


So…we are here at the end on this fantastic challenge…and…well…COol cool cool.
The final image is absolutely cool… but… if the image is overall cool…the ideas are real “ROCKINGN COOL”…i mean…the jellyfish player kills me! TOO COOL…have i still told that your image is cool?

:buttrock: :cool: :buttrock:


Congratulations on finishing - you’ve managed a superb illustration. The colours, characters and ideas are fantastic - full of energy and originality. It’s been great fun watching you complete this work, Good luck, buddy


congrats on finishing my friend, it looks great! have a beer on me :slight_smile:


Excellent image. The colors are really great.


Great sense of energy Fernando. Youve captured the excitement of a rock concert with a wonderful intergalactic twist!



Cool fernando , cool image, i like the color and character, good luck with the challenge


Hi Ferx
Very powerful scene … i want to shake my head just by seeing it :buttrock:

excelent work

see ya