Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fernando Porcel


Esos ultimos detalles le estan dando mucha vida.
Dale caña.


beautyful lighting details Fer
also the pointing hand is getting a great shape, overall coming together so nicely!

Go Fer, Rock on!


Really nice update. I like the colors very much. :thumbsup:

Hurry up man, just 28 hours to go.:wip:



Looking fantastic! The brighter glows on the music balls look perfect :thumbsup:


You have some super padrisimo artworks rolling out there, madrisima pieces of professional work:bowdown: thanks for yor comment


Getting closer and closer, I’m very exited!
For the first time I noticed that the “Jellyfish” player is standing on top of a huge metal
head! Hehe, more details coming out!
Keep pushing, my friend!


This is the banda “Underground Uplift,” a band of rock that has launched a hard concept against genetically marketing, against the enslavement of beings that have evolved through genetic engineering, but they must pay with 10,000 years of servility toward their evolutionary “benefactors” .
The idea began with a fortuitous discovery of an old relic of bygone days, a copy (copying 900 billion to be exact) album by a group unknown to them, some types called “Pink Floyd”. The name of the album, “The Wall”, not suggesting anything, but were shocked when hear it. They were identified with the kind of concept that used Mr. Floyd.
“Underground Uplift” took 4 years of work on record its new album, “Compressed Evolution” and now the group is at number one “top ten” … In the “top ten” of most wanted by patron alien races (genetic engineering “semi gods”) and some, rather said, several humans.


Fernando you can sleep you finished :beer: Congratulations


love the image:) but the drummer doesnt have sticks?


I think the drummer beats the drums with his fists, he looks like the type. Great finish Fernando, I really like the jellyfish instrument and the guy playing them, he fits the part so well.



great job fer, congratulations! :smiley: love the percutionist and my favorite the alien plaing the medusas! really cool man over all its really great but enough said, te vas a disparar las chelas o que :smiley: ?


You made it :slight_smile: Congrats…


yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! congrats my dear friend!! :love: :bounce: :scream: you made it to the finishing line! :stuck_out_tongue: love the lighting bro! everything else looks really cool! lot of personality indeed!


Hey Fernando! Congratulations for finishing your cool piece! Good luck my friend!


Big big Congratz, Fernando! You made it just on time! Excellent!
Great concept, skillfull visualization and lots of cool vibes in the scene! I will save this in
my harddisk, for sure!
Now you can rest my friend and charge up for the next challenge!
See you then!


Congrats on finishing, mate! Really cool stuff you have here, so vibrant and colourful…:thumbsup:


congrats on finishing, your image rocks!


Congratulations, Fernando! You climbed the wall, you atom heart mother, and now it is time to rest, sitting back and listening to the echoes, while we wait for the division bell.



You made it, Fernando. Really nice image. Now go out, have some fun and prepare for the next challenge. :beer:

Looking forward to see you entering the next challenge as well. :scream:



Good work, congrats on finishing this great image
Underground Uplift rocks :buttrock: