Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fernando Porcel


Hey Fernando,
Great start on the details it’s looking good also I like the change of the keybaords it’s a lot more like an alien instrument.
Keep up the good work I’m sure you will finish on time.


I feel the sound!
love the drummer
keep going!


good work Fer!!
I like a lot the idea of the …ghosts?.. whatever in the background, and I think its also a god idea to change the keyboards by something more alien, but I’m not sure it is clear what he’s doing with those floating ball lights (jellyfish)… will they be connected to the floor somehow or just floating around?
good luuuuck!! :scream:


Jelly Fish! Yay! love that!:love:… The colors are really bright and pretty! like a show from any galaxy could be! :buttrock:…Keep going buddy I am sure more details will come along , once you add more contrast to all of them:arteest:

I want Cafeee and green pretty stuff ! hahaha!:smiley:


This is pure fun. I love the ideas you’re putting into this - those organic music ball things are truly inspired! Fantastic work buddy


all its missing is those guitar strips from that guitar hero game! funky image man!


Kieran - thanks mate! Glad that you liked the change on the keybords :smiley: Thanks for all of your support my friend! Cheers!! :beer:

Marcos - thanks buddy. Time to put all volume on this song :smiley: Cheers!!

Fer - thanks “tocayo” :smiley: Yes, i need to work on the stage elements and connect on it the keyeboard spheres. Really appreciate your visit my friend!! :beer:

Axel - thanks friend!! Working hard, a lot of details to paint yet :smiley: No more beer only coffee for now :smiley:

Mark - thanks my friend! Really glad that you liked the concept for a organic keyboard and thanks for all of your support and encouragement!! Cheers!! :beer:

Slav - thanks mate for your kind words. :slight_smile:


Working on the stage section for the keyboard and drummer :smiley: A bit more details … need more speed :smiley:


Hi dude
I prefer the new color composition. That red colors distract too much.
A thin stroke light on that hands on shadow will give them live.
Dale caña que queda muy poco.:buttrock:


haha looking great fer! i love the guy plaing the medusa or whatever those things are :D, and the projections on the background make it look very hardcore.


Let there be rock!!!
Hey, wait a second! Are those guys on the top flirting? That’s sooo unprofetional!
Excellent Idea for the alien to the left, making tunes by rubbing crystall spheres, could you
attach the soundtrack after your final render?



Those details look great! love specially the jelly fish guy! hahaha that’s right he’s for me called that way from now on! …and the light sources are showing much better all the depth in the stage! I also like the hands just like shapes in the front! much better! for not distractions !

Keep going buddy! WE WANT CAFEEE! lol!:bounce:


Hey fernando :slight_smile:

Really like the drummer,

The single thick tentacle on the bottommost jelly fish looks a little strange, maybe draw it with multiple tentacles like the topmost one,

Thats all that stands out to me. great color and contrast!


It’s looking really good. Perhaps the bits on the music balls could glow a bit more where the musician’s fingers are touching their surfaces - that would help emphasise what’s going on there. But that’s only a very minor comment (which you are of course free to ignore). You are making really cool progress. Good luck buddy


Me again… nice to see you since a really long while… sorry.

Well I think you really know where are you going now. IT LOOKS GREAT WITH THE BIG DUDES IN THE BACK!! the middle guy’s glowing eyes top the triangle composition just right.
Everything from the big sphere with glowing eyes to the green guy’s neat shoes is showing great improvement now. If Any I will say that the drummer’s lower arm looks a bit bended like rubber, the elbow doesn’t show much, but that is fine depending of what kind of alien he is, I guess. Just a comment.

the back lighthing is gonna be your best weapon here, as in the girl’s leg and white boot, that area looks great, round and soft ans standing up so well, love it.

I’m very happy to see this all happening in your pic, go Speed Racer go!!

Oh I’m sorry I mentioned that, I know about your feelings :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Great work Indeed.


Looks like it’s coming along great.
I think we really are down to the last laps now (you mentioned?)
I like the stage props for the blue alien.
Cheers :beer:


Very cool subject an wicked style. I like the comics-like feel and the point of view the most. The drummer and jellyfish-guy are rocking, like has been said, but I like the green guy probably the most. Love his guitar too!

I second the comments on adding backlight. Maybe bring some of those colored highlights on the characters up a bit and maybe turn up the shadows as well to bring your content together?


vamos vamos. 2 dias quedan. suerte en el concurso!


Really thanks guys !! A bit short on time to replay my friends :smiley: but promise to write some words on other post :smiley: Beer for all!! Cheers!! :beer:


Working hard to finish the image :smiley: