Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fernando Porcel


cool scene. I like a lot the preospective. the guys design works well.:buttrock: WWROCK!!!


Great work on your characters Ferx, they all have there own personalities and fit together great as a band.


Come on Fernando it’s almost finished .


I wouldn’t worry on the background myself (some smoke and loose lights will do), and on the colours I’ll avoid those used in the bacground just to crop the characters a bit more (tint them in a hue that might come from a light right below the characters-that will crop the hands row too); keep an eye on the overall balance of warm hues as they seem at the moment to drag the attention to the right.
Other than that, it’s coming along very nicely!


really cool camera angle bro! :stuck_out_tongue: all the characters are havin a good time! :bounce: make sure you add specularity on their skin in terms of the coloured lights being flashed on them, that will bring them into the scene even more :wink:
good luck my friend! :thumbsup:


Hey Fernando,

Cool characters colours and posing.
Nice painting too. The girl guitarist is hot.
Looking forward to seeing more progress.

Heck we’re running out of time, better work :beer:


Looking good, Fernando! The silhouettes of the audience’s hands is a nice touch which reinforces a common bond between these diverse races.


Great work Ferx, I like the colours you choose
Good luck with the background. Looking forward to the next update :thumbsup:


Only 5 days.
Dale caña a esas luces y sombras.:buttrock:


Axel - thanks my friend. I hope to make a background that can work with the band and puts good rock on the stage :smiley:

Paul - really thanks for your comment, for sure a great tip, thanks mate!

Martin - thanks for the encouragement my friend! Cheers!

Mathias - thanks my friend for all of your support. You are totally right, and following your advice, in the next update i´m change the lights position. Thanks for pointing that :smiley:

Phill - Thanks mate!

Jerome - Thanks friend! Like always great suggestions :smiley: I´m taking note. Again thanks for your support ! Cheers!

Sergio - Gracias!! Yes, few time to finish this ( from today I will pray every night for an extension hahahahahahhaha)

Marco - thanks my friend, really glad that you liked the composition! Thanks! :smiley:

Jassar - thanks friend! I need some extra energy to finsh this ( an extension looks like a very nice extra energy, hahahahaha )

Fabio - thanks mate! Long live to the rock!! yeaaaa!

Steven - Thanks for your kind words mate! Cheers!

Raul - really thanks for your comments my friend, for sure really useful! Cheers!! :smiley:

Neville - thanks my friend! Cool sugestion and for sure i´m following it. Thanks bro! The best for you :slight_smile:

Spin - thanks my friend, I really glad that you liked. Ohhh goshhh , we need an extension!! hahahahahahah :smiley:

Paul - thanks buddy for your kind words, I really appreciate it.

Kieran - thanks mate! Hope in the next update i post some work on the background :slight_smile:

Iban - Gracias ! Yes, need more speed … an extension… hahahaha :smiley: Thanks my friend!


Really cool concept, and I’m sure the Guitar Hero / Rock Band guys could use your ideas for one of their sequels.

I am looking forward to seeing the final image so please go hard and finish it off. :wip:


Working on the background and some lighting over characters. Time to put all the gas on this :smiley:

I´m using the background to make a bit turn on the concept, a bit dark and progresive rock band :smiley:


Background looking cool.
Nice patterns you got going there. Light show is cool.
Figures look like they need work. Nice characters.

Cheers :beer:


That’s looking really nice, man. :cool:
But hurry up, time is running. :wip:



Hey Fernando!
It’s looking more and more alive with every update! Colors are much vibrant and hot now
than the previous post, and I like how you bring more darkness to the forground!
Can’t wait to buy their first realeased album, knowing it’s a progressive Rock!


Fernando I really like the background idea .Keep on


UUh! What a concert my friend! yay!!!:beer:

I like lots the big gas mask guys! Very kuhl! and the holograms I think need a bit more of movement and be some in front of the band so we can understand better the light that this effect will get on the env, then again I understand you are just starting that layer of FX never the less I shall help in pointing it ! Coz we friends want that our friends succeed in all the best result! haha!:smiley:

And like you said before” white flag in the horizon already mate”!:lightbulb


Fernando: Nice character design. I like the lead guitarest/male vocal, he reminds me of a Protoss. I wonder if one of those metal guitars with 2 or 3 necks would work with an alien with multiple arms? :slight_smile:

Keep up the great work!


Andrew - thanks mate!, glad that you liked the concept and for sure working hard to finish it :smiley:

Spin - thanks friend! Yep, need to go fast on details :slight_smile:

Torsten - thanks my friend for your encouragement. For sure working fast… i hope :smiley:

Mathias - really thanks my friend, very glad that you liked. Hope to realease this “album” at least :smiley:

Eric - thanks my friend!

Axel - really thanks my friend. You are rigth, I´m trying to integrate the hologram concept on some form to the foreground. Thanks for all of your great support! Cheers Axel !! :beer: ( bandera blanca, tengo que acabar antes que caiga la de cuadros!! :smiley: )

Chris - thanks mate for your kind words and nice suggestion, I really appreciate it! Cheers :beer:


Working on details. Change the design of the keyboards for something more organic :smiley: