Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fernando Porcel


Looks really good :thumbsup: I love that mix of different types of hands in the foreground


Fernando! Looking really nice! I really like that alien on on the left playing the balls :D. One thing, watch the anatomy of the drummers right arm, its a little wonky atm. Can’t wait to see your color block in.



Hey Ferx, very nice comments on my WIP! Thanks for that.
:thumbsup:Since I’m a hobby R’n’B guitarist for years im really very courious about to see more of your alien rock band.The scene looks really great! as you named once before: “Steam it up” ! we’re waiting to seee upcoming progress…Aliens rock!


Good work, I really like the guitarist he looks great. Looking forward to seeing more detail in the instruments want to see what the keyboard player is playing(the balls).Anyway this will look great in color.
Good Luck


the compotition looks great fer, i just wanna ask if any of the characters you have floating is playing a base or a guitar? remember bases have longer necks and most only 4 strings :smiley: right now both look the same :wip: but your instruments are very fururistic so the might not even have strings :argh: waiting for next update :slight_smile:

*** i just noticed the female is further away than the alien :smiley: so i guess she has the base***


Hi Fernando,
I like your concept about music, music is universal. Your design of alien is great too. One suggestion, all your alien have five fingers (the Singers), why not create different fingers maybe like tentacle, 3 or 4 fingers? Just for variation:). Overall your design, the composition, color and character is great and cool, love it.

Good luck with the challenge and looking forward to see more of your uplift universe challenge progress:beer:


The composition looks great ! I like the line art as well! I really like her pose it’s soooo 80’s love that! I see this thread and I just want to rockn rooooll:buttrock: and use drugs! nah! haha just kidding! all the aliens riseing hands are looking great, although maybe a tentacle like they said before …could be fun as well? :rolleyes:

Great! Vamos Amigooo! hierba verde es vidaaa!:lightbulb:cool:


Cool composition and sketch, buddy!! Keep it up - not much time left. I really hope you manage to finish it in time :slight_smile:




Ola amigo!
You really know how to rock and party! The last sketch is very good founded and has lots
of dynamic! I agree with other comments about hands, your imagination is quite astonishing!
There there be rock!


Brad - Thanks mate!! Hey, that is a great idea and more If I´m the manager of the band! :smiley:

Mark - Thanks my friend for all of your support and encouragement! Cheers :beer:

Ryan - Thanks for your words!. Yes, you are right, I´m checking that point. Thanks again :smiley:

Peter - Really thanks buddy and glad that you liked the concept! Cheers! :smiley:

Kieran - Thanks for your words! I really appreciate it. Glad that you liked the “mantis guitar alien” :smiley:

Sergio - Gracias amigo ! :smiley: You are right, the girl is the bass player, and i need to enlongate the neck of the bass. Thanks for pointing that!

Joko - Thanks mate for your kind words! I´m try to put more alien details on the painting stage like you suggested :smiley: Thanks again!

Axel - Thanks friend, I´m really glad that you liked the composition and design for the image … back to the 80’s! … :smiley: Thanks for your encouragement my friend!

Dimitrij - Thanks friend. I´m taking a extra ration of tequila to speed up this… hahahaha, kidding. For sure I finish the concept …:rolleyes: … I hope hahahaha. Thanks again!

Mathias - Thanks my friend! Your words are a extra motivation to finish the concept! Thanks! :slight_smile:


First pass in color.
Putting colors and focus basically on forms, volume and basic light . The next step will be to create textures for aliens and work on the background and stage. I Will work in a separate layer the color for light and shadows generated by the concert lights and reflectors :smiley:


Hey Fer!:slight_smile:

That looks fun I like the color choices! They all seem to have a good complementary tone besides them so nobody will hide once all the reflections from the show are on! I like also the hands pointing in negative value to the main guys! since you have those 2 main light above , I guess the blue tones in her and the drums guy might loose a bit their potential so maybe add a really good plastic texture that will compensate that!:lightbulb

Other than that so far I love the whole mood very energetic as a concert of this size could be expected! Have fun with the BG!:arteest:

VAMOS AMIGOO si se puede! Café con hierba verde para alucinar bien!:cool:


Hey fernando :slight_smile:

Looking good.

a few comments:

your characters are getting a little lost contrast wise. Try making the hands in the foreground very dark, and make the rest of your characters darker as well, then maybe try to lighten the background towards the top where the lights are.

Heres a tip that I have always found helpful:

When you squint your eyes and look at your painting the characters should still pop out. If not then there isn’t enough contrast.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


You’re on the right track :slight_smile: Agree with editablepauly. Wise words :thumbsup:


Hola Fernando!
You are moving way fast for me to keep up! That’s the spirit!
I like the way you have chosen the vanishing point right on top, giving a pyramidical
composition to the whole! But again there are two lights on each side of the van. point
kind of ruining for the basic comp; I could be wrong on this, but have you considered
other kind of lighting too, which can support your main composition?
Looking forward to see the colors streaming in!
Keep painting, Amigo!


Nice stuff buddy:thumbsup:


Heya Fernando, you are definitely heading in the right direction! Keep going! You have so much to add in the background as well, but try to keep it in the shadows so the characters will pop out more! Oh, do you think the lead singer’s microphone is a bit too small to fit in his hand?

How about adding some strong spotlights beaming on them from behind? Some small rays of lights waving around from the stage behind of the wild audience might also contribute to the rock star effect.

All the best with your completion! :smiley:


otro update! yay!! its looking great fer, keep it up cuz deadline is near!! :scream:


Go Fernando! Camera angle is great and I like the idea of several hands (all different). Can’t wait to see it detailed!


I can feel the energy! keep going :thumbsup: