Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fernando Porcel


Really nice idea Fernado : )
Art ,music and food are the three nice ligament for everybody
All the best. Good luck!


Gabriel, Ryan, Torsten, Jassar, Mark, Mathias, Pablo, Brian, Dimitrij, Raul, Sergio, Atte, Eric, Gerardo, Axel - Really thanks guys for the comments and votes. The B variation is the winner :D. I think I have a really little time to end this concept, and this is the strategy that I will use :smiley: : I start the work on a canvas like B option, but working first in the elements on the C composition, if I have time, I extend the image, If not, I cut to the C composition :D. Hope have time to finish totally on B composition. Again really thanks for the support mates!! And cold beeer for all !! Cheers :beer: + :beer: + :beer:

Slav - Thanks for your kind words. I´m going for only 2D on this concept :slight_smile:


Fangyu - Really thanks for your words!! I really appreciate your visit ( I admire your superb entry! ) Thanks again! Cheers!! :beer:


This is the Band!! :smiley: Five members for now ( like on composition C). Trying some shapes and different charaecteristics. Only one human on the band… :smiley: yes! the girl :smiley:


Hey mate. :slight_smile: Hope the band gets on the road in time :buttrock:


very nice!

my favorites:
the keyboards guy =)
the bassplayer girl
ps: a topless girl on the bass is an attractive option (kidding ^^)
the drummer is cool either … the strong hands are totally appropriate for his role =)

good work my friend =)


Hola Fernando,
U worked very good the poses. Also the composition. aI really like the Keyborads alien. The hat and the cigar gives him personality. Maybe u should put some other things to the other characters.
Dale caña que queda poco.


Brilliant! I can’t decide which one I love the most - keyboard dude, or mantis man on the lead guitar. The drummer looks awesome and I wonder if anyone would be brave enough to tell him if he was keeping the beat or speeding up. This band is looking excellent buddy. They are really good character designs


Love them all! Mostly the Keyboards I mean he does have this musician personality and body language type! All look great as a group though, as for the lady singer being the human type that’s good! It’s difficult to mess around with human beauty! And sometimes overdone, so I like that call in her for representing us! Just a suggestion her outfit looks a bit to normal for a rock star so maybe add her a crazy hair do, or some wacko accessories, other than that its great I like the 80’s rock band tattoo on her eye!:buttrock:


I really like B version, the composition and postures are very dynamic. I’m glad to see you doing the musical player concepts. The variety you have there is very nice! Perhaps you like to add tattoos to some of the alien musical players? Hurry up and starting painting. The deadline is near!


Hey there.

I like B or C but if you go for C I hope you don’t leave out the cool aliens.
I mean the aliens far right and far left on B you could put them into C/
But preety cool work overall.

Nice studies I hope the singer is wearing something really skimpy :smiley:


Hey Fer!! tocayo! I had not seen your thread until this moment!
Your work is looking great, I just love all the poses and the composition (I prefer B, but all of them are good), it looks very dynamic, I can feel the concert mood already!



wow, hey!, Fer como va?

i like soooo muchhh your concept! the characters look cool men!

i agree with you about the music because is an universal symbol,so you also can do a symbiotic relationship between human’s instruments and alien’s instruments…it look great also!.
good luck!

i follow your work whit interest!
and thank you for your opinion i’ve been consider it!. chao!


Great characters, my favourite is the keyboard dude.

Go, go, go!! :bounce:



Fernando, nice characters and great idea the alien’s band.
I am waiting for updates and the new album :slight_smile:
good luck!


i donno still screams 3d to me!



Hey Fer ! I have to say you got a good plan there for the canvas thing, That’s for the best, with the deadline so thigh. You can always gamble on a time extension, mmmmm lets keep that idea from our heads just now, but is good to have a plan B :smiley:

Wow! your keyboard guy Is hot these days! I hope popularity doesn’t get to his head so soon or he could split for a solo career an ruin everything! By the way I think someone in the band could use a big bad handlebar moustache. y’know, a Lemmy von Motörhead sort of thing, maybe the drummer… I don’t know…

C’mon Fer give the pansy teen alien popstars something to fear!! Yeah:buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:

Wow, nobody’s really doing a teen alien popstar for the Uplift right? I better shut up…


Martin - thanks my friend for your encouragement!! Cheers!!

Filipe - thanks friend!! Really glad that you liked the designs! :smiley:

Iban - thanks for your kind words! You are totally right, I need to put on the characters some sort of rock props. Thanks!

Mark - Thanks my friend for your great support and encouragement, and trying to match your superb image my friend :smiley: Cheers!

Axel - Thanks for your words my friend!! Yes, the girl need a cool rocker outfit and haircut. I m trying to decide in wich wave this rock band plays :smiley: mmmm … maybe on heavy hard dark rock??? hahaha. Thanks for you support my friend! Cheers!

Jerome - Thanks for your kind words my friend. The tattoos are a really cool idea, thanks! And yes, i need to go fast :smiley:

Spin - Thanks buddy!! I´m trying for the B composition, but I think i dont have enough time to finish. I hope finish C composition at least. Thanks! Cheers! :beer:

Fernando - tocayo!! Really thanks for your visit my friend and really glad that you liked the concept!! ( siguen pendientes las “chelas bien helodias” eh? :D)

David - Thanks mate for your words and encouragement, I really appreciate it !! Cheers!!

Torsten - thanks my friend!! Glad that you liked the “piano-fish” design :smiley: Yes, I need to hurry up ( white flag, last lap!!)

Marcos - Thanks mate for your words!. I hope the album be on time :smiley:

Slav - :smiley: I think dont have enough time to make this concept on 3D. Thanks again my friend!

Gabriel - Thanks my friend! I think this ocasion dont be any sort of extension and I can’t bet for it :smiley: I like a lot your suggestion for a moustache on Lemmy style (yeaaaa ultra heavy yeaaaa !! ) Again thanks for all of your support!! Cheers!


This is my work sketch. A bit rough but is only for a reference guide for the colour blocking stage :smiley: I need to put speed on this :smiley:


Hey Fernando,
He needs to be passing out some backstage passes to all the alien babe groupies. Awesome job man.