Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fernando Porcel


dedicate this day to work on the composition for the concept. I found one that I like and do some pretty variations on it. Only 20 days, I hope that some of these works:)

This is the first. I focus mainly on the composition, working with human type characters, without pause now in the final design of the characters:)


This is the B variation, more open stage, more members of the band, and crowd hands :slight_smile:


The final variation, composition C. Change to a vertical canvas. The stage is more closed and retains the hands of the crowd. I like the most this composition :slight_smile:

Votes and comments are really welcome :smiley:


Now we’re talking, that’s a really interesting shoot! I’ll vote for C since it fits better the perspective and gives you a closer view of the characters, I really enjoy the way you twist your concepts time after time until you hit the spot! now we can only wait for the color to start to flow and this image to start to rock hard!

Very good indeed!!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Hi Fernando, good idea with the alien rock band, theres alot of ways you could work the aliens into the insturments. I’m going to vote B, I like those little critters on the sides in B, I don’t see those in any other comp. I think c looks like a band poster which could also be a good idea to go with. Get going!!



Hi Fernado,
my vote goes to Concept B. I think it has a more human/alien touch although it means more work for you. :smiley:

Go go go. Time is running. :wip:



Wohoo man! I would go with B or C. Keep going!


My favorite is B, with C coming a close second. I like those hands in the foreground. Will there be alien hands/tentacles in there?


Cool composition Fernando!
My vote also goes (went) to B, although you already have chosen your favorite one!
Lots of vibes in those drawings! I can almost hear the crowd cheering!
More posts!


Hi Fernando!
thanks for your post!
I like your idea a lot, and i vote for B. The perspective is a lot more dramatic, and there’s also more alien-human interaction as well.
I think also that hte composition fits better, and inmersive.
It brings a clearer feeling of very wide-angle shot, taken live at the performance…
the other concepts are good, but i think that “B” shows the idea better.
keep going!


Personal I like B better, it tells more of a story… Great idea, nice to see something different!


Hi Fernando!

I also vote for… B! :slight_smile: Of course, looks better i have to agree with everyone else here :slight_smile:




Picture B will be my choice (great sketches btw!) I’m thinking that the singer might even grab the viewers hand? Maybe a bit cheesy but will bigger the scope of this comp… I don’t know! good work so far!


fernando, i really like your B composition, specially the drums design.
VIVA MEXICO! :beer: yo soy tapatio y como dijiste es bueno ver mexicanos en esta zona, hay demaciado talento en este pais que no deve ser desperdiciado!


It’s like Slipknot from outerspace! I absolutely adore this idea and Composition C is my favourite. Waiting to see more :slight_smile:


Fernando i like the B one.


Good work, I like the composition in all of them.
I think c is the best b is great too and the crowd hands are a great idea
Good luck :thumbsup:


Hola Fernando, re buena idea che! I like composition B too, I can’t add nothing new to what has already been said. Good luck man, I know theres little time left, but you can do it :thumbsup:.


uuh! I like B and C! haha! I really like B because you can add more details and c; coz Gabriel says sooo hahaha naah! Its coz is a bit straighter to what’s the illustration it’s about! So if you have time make B if not so much then C … And yeah ! Don’t do drugs! Haha ! well okay!:rolleyes:


i wonder if this is going to be 2d/3d i cant see this as a 3d image… but yea i donno. lots of action! i like action. action is good. thumbs up for action!