Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fernando Porcel


Ditto on Jerome ideas-good call with the references indeed;it’d be cool if the aliens have their own instrument designs, and/or playing them with unusual parts of the body (no sex implied!!) like a sight-sensitive floaty piano interface or something. I’m personally partial to a smoky jazz club with a sexy front alien girl- or not.
Great concepting so far, Fernando, looking forward to seeing how it unwraps itself!


Hi Fernando,
finally your entry is there. I was waiting for it. :beer:

Concept looks great. Good luck with it and hurry up buddy. Time is running. :scream:

Looking forward to see more.



hey hey hey! here’s my Fernando! :stuck_out_tongue: my humble apologies for a really late comment :cry:
as always, fun is you! it’s in your work … it shows! :bounce:
for an idea, let the lighting paint your image, let their colours focus/illuminate your characters … but at the sam time … don’t make it too dark either … just balance it out :wink:
me very much looking forward to your next update! :stuck_out_tongue: cheers my friend! :beer: have fun! :thumbsup:


Hehehehe, so good, so, you told me many things about your band already, I think a black or aleast darker background would look great , it also would push up the light effcets so you can get a really moody stage for them to play.

I still think you could add a really weird ass piano some where…:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
or an alien playing himself as an instrument… Oooh no! betteer leave that alone…


I like the concept of aliens and humans making music together. Colors and lines have lyrical feel.


Working and experimenting on some character designs for the rock band :slight_smile: It’s not that much time left, but I can’t resist exploring some ideas and designs :smiley:


Jerome - thanks buddy!! You are totally right and really thanks for the support and references, they will be a great help for my composition and final concept :smiley: Cheers !!

Jacob - thanks friend for your kind words ! hahahahahaha holy galaxies… a bit perverted alien… hahahahahaha :smiley:

Gino - thanks mate!! That ideas sound cool, need to try it Cheers!!

Mark - thanks my friend and glad that you liked the image. Cheers my friend :beer:

Jassar - really thanks my friend for your kind words, I really appreciate it. You know , i love to exploring and making extreme variations on my cocncepts… hahahah, but think that is not time for that hahaha :smiley: Again, really thanks my friend!! Cheers!!

Raul - thanks my friend, really glad that you liked the concept. You are totally right , I need to put some designs on the aliens. Thanks for your support !! Cheers my friend :beer:

Torsten - hi my friend at last I´m here and ready for the stress on the dead line :smiley: Thanks for your kind words !! always a great encouragement! Cheers my friend !

Neville - my dear friend, really thanks for your words, always a extra motivation :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice and for sure I following it. God bless you my friend ! All the best!!

Gabriel - thanks my friend! You are right, I need to found a good lighting mood for my concept :slight_smile: (again the moon?? hahahaha) Ok and nothing of alien playing with himself :smiley: Again really thanks for your support Gabriel ( ya te debo como dos barriles de chela !) Cheers!!

Lee - thanks for your kind words and glad that you liked the concept :smiley: Cheers


I’m going for the concept of the rock band :smiley: Some studies on the possibles poses for the leader guitar :D. ( and need to found my composition! :slight_smile: )


Working a bit on a sketch for the drummer character and its pose :smiley:


Hi I love that concept so far. Can’t wait to see the finished product!


Hola Fernando! I’m really sorry for replying so late!
You got a killer concept there, that’s something I have been thinking of doing in 3d for
a long time, so I will watch your progress extra!
You have a great way of drawing characters, even alien ones!
Would be delicious to see the scene later on!
Good luck, my friend!


Come on Fernando it’s time to start the composition and the color . Please


Hello, Fernando!!

That’s a very cool idea! :slight_smile: One could say it’s a swinging idea :slight_smile: Love the drummers, especialy the right one looks great.

Keep it up! I would love to see how you develop it further.

Cheers, mate!:beer:



hey fernando! im a musician and seeing your concept on the rock guitar, the one on the far right seems more natural than the others poses (and cooler) to me, but its all looking preety good :thumbsup: btw im also from mexico, if you don’t mind me asking, what state are you from?


keep it goin’ …looks good. I’m curious abut what the band gonne play!


Your alien musicians are looking superb. That’s a band I’d like to see (and hear)


Hi Fer ! sorry my friend that I haven’t replay that much! Its been a bit busy at work!

Back to your Alien’s Rock Band!!:buttrock:

I like it! Lots of things to do! for the poses for your main guy! I will say do something that tells more than what a normal human rock star will do! Since it could be in a free gravitation stage? So he can perform as he will be on water or something like that! As for the drum guy I will say add more arms! Or fingers? I don’t know something amazing I guess? hahaha fav quote for sure! It’s looking all the idea and sketches fantastically fun!:thumbsup:

I mas vale que le bajes a la chelaaa ! jajaja puro tequila ahora! jaja! y lsd como buen rock star pa que te pongas a tono!:bounce:


Nice studies there’s a lot of dynamics going there.
The band should look pretty cool in the end.

Should be a fun entry :buttrock:


Hi Fernando, how about having more varieties in the body shapes for the aliens? Some could be almost insect-like, with multiple arms playing the specially made guitar and the like. The drummer can be an alien with a pair of heavyset arms, which is perfect for pounding a drum.

Also try to go for unconventional musical instruments that doesn’t seem too human. It makes sense to have this for an intergalactical rock band.

Keep it up! Cheers!


Lisa - thanks for your kind words! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Mathias - Really glad for your words my friend!! Your encouragement is extra motivation to finish this work! Thanks! Cheers my friend!! :beer:

Eric - I promise that the next update will have the composition for the concept :smiley:

Dimitrij - Thanks buddy I really glad that you liked the concept! Thanks! Cheers mate ! :beer:

Sergio - Thanks for your kind words mate! You are a musician and a 3D artist , that is really cool ! Glad that you liked the guitar poses. I dont know if cant use that poses because i dont have right know my final idea on the composition, but are useful to inmerse on the concept that i want ( acerca de donde soy, soy chilango :D, de que parte de México eres tu Sergio? Es bueno encontrarse con mexicanos por estos lares )

Peter - Thanks for your words mate! I think the band gonna play an alien varition of Van Halen’s “Jump” Theme :smiley:

Mark - Thanks my friend. I hope some day, if the image convinces me, maybe make a small video clip animated on 2D with this band. Thanks again my friend !! Cheers!! :beer:

Axel - I´m really glad that you have a lot of work my friend hahahahaha :smiley: and glad that you liked the concept. You are right about of the many possibilites for the band’s performance and taking note on your nice suggestions! Thanks for the support and encouragement my friend ( Si, haber que me fumo pa ponerme bien a tono con el concepto… y que viiiiiivaaaaaa el rock’n roooooll y que viva el tri de México… hahahahahahaha)

Spin - Thanks mate for your encouragement!! I really appreciate it. Cheers !!:smiley:

Jerome - Thanks for your great support and suggestions my friend. I´m trying for now to download from my brain ( hahahahaah too many beers hahahahaah) a composition that works well with the concept. But for sure I try to explore different forms and instruments to the characters and hard try to match your superb entry :slight_smile: Again really thanks for your support! Cheers!