Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fernando Porcel


This literally rocks Ferx, I love the floating characters and the atmosphere of it, great colors too :slight_smile: Good luck with your entry .


Fernando, man, you really uplifted it. Love the backstory and the last additions to the image. The lighting, blur and whatever else new really makes it pop. Great final touches! Rock on and good luck!


nice fun and happy image of the futre…

your style is very funky and cool

gratz on finishing and the best of luck


Erick - Thanks friend!! Yes, time to sleep… but before a cold beer and a tequila !!

Phill - Thanks mate! Nop, the drumer use his fists to punch the drumms, he is a bit savage … hahahah

Ryan - Thanks my friend for all your support through this challenge!! Cheers!!

Sergio - Thanks friend for the encouragement!! Glad that you liked the keyboard guy ( y claro que voy a disparar las chelas bien helodias !! )

Martin - Thanks mate!

Neville - Thanks my dear friend, I really glad that you liked the lighting !! Thanks for your encouragement, always a great motivation!! All the best!! :smiley:

Marco - Thanks my friend! An honor to share this challenge with you!! Cheers!!

Mathias - Really thanks kompis!! Your support and encouragement was a great motivation to finish this work!! I am indebted to you. Thanks my friend!! :smiley:

Hey Raul - Thanks my friend! Really glad that you liked! Thanks for your support on this challenge! :smiley:

Steven - Thanks mate!! Glad that you liked! Cheers!

Paul - Thanks friend!! Cool!! A Pink Floyd fan mate!! Great ! Cheers!!

Torsten - Thanks my friend!! I follow your advice!! Perhaps went to the beach with some cold beers and tequila!! hahahahaha For sure we see on the next challenge!! Cheers!! :smiley:

Kieran - Thanks mate!! Yeaaaa !! Glad that you liked! Cheers!

Dimitrij - Thanks my friend!! Best of luck!!

Jassar - Thanks my friend!! Glad that you liked, and hope can match your cool image! :smiley:

Spin - Thanks my friend for all of your support and encouragement through the challenge!! And more tequila !! yeaaaaa :smiley:

Iban - Thanks friend!! Glad that you liked the lighting! (Y ahora vamos por unas cañas bien frías y una buena botella de tequila!! )

Fernando - Thanks “tocayo” for your kind words my friend!! ( Si, ya es hora de tomarnos unas chelas bien “helodias” (heladas) :smiley: )

Axel - Thanks my friend!! Thanks for all of your comments and help on this image.
without your help was unable to finish ! And very happy that you liked the final result!! (Tiempo de relajarnos un poco, jajajjaja, y echaronos unos buenos tragos de tequila y dormir! ) :smiley:

Mathias (again ) - Hey you really know the keboard guy and the function of the jellyfhis organic ketboard! hahahahaha Cool!!! Thanks for that description my friend!!

Andrew - Thanks mate!! Glad that you liked !! Cheers!!

John - Thanks for your words!! Cheers!!

Paul (Blachart67) - Really thanks for your kind words mate!! I really appreciate it!! Best of luck to you!! Cheers!!

Remko - Hey buddy!! Miss you (and your fearless style ) during this challenge! But we will be in the next one, for sure! :smiley: Thanks for your kind words! And time to drink a lot of tequila shots!!! Cheers my friend!!

Fabio - Thanks friend!! Thanks for your really cool words!! COOL!! And time for a cool tequila bottle!! yeaaa cool!! Cheers !!

Mark - Thanks my friend!! Thanks for all of the comments, support and encouragement through this challenge! A really honour and a pleasure to share this challenge with you!! Gracias !! Cheers buddy!! :smiley:

Bill - Thanks my friend!! Really glad that you liked!! And more beers and tequila !! yeaaa ! Cheers!!

Nick - Thanks mate for your kind words!! Best of luck!

Jesse - Thanks for your kind words!! Really glad that you liked the concept !! Cheers!!

Joko - Thanks buddy !! All the best!!

Filipe - Really thanks my friend!! Thanks for your encouragement and support!! See you in the next challenge my friend! Cheers!!

Linda - Thanks for your words! And happy that you liked the bass guirl and the guitar mantis ! Best of luck!!

Niko - Thanks mate!! Glad that you liked the story an the lighting! Best of luck!! Cheers!!

Simon - Thanks mate for your kind words, really appreciated ! Best of luck!! Cheers!!


Hey Fernando,
Wow! Where do I get tickets! I love your backround holograms. Very vibrant and animated piece. You did a fantastic job, your passion shines through the whole image. Congrats sir!.


Brad - thanks my friend for your kind words and really glad that you like the concept and background! :smiley: Cheers !! :beer:


Muy buen trabajo Fernanado, muy original… no te cansas de tener ideas creativas y de crear imagenes como ésta, no sé, talvez el tequila ayuda un poco ah??:wink:

Hi my friend…your works are always very original,
Congrats and good luck!!:beer:


Gracias Fabio ! pues no me quedara de otra que seguir dandole al tequila :smiley:

Thanks Fabio for your kind words my friend ! Cheers!! :beer:


Hi buddy, Im sorry that I missed all the fun, I was just busy trying to make money ;) Congrats on your final man, I love this image, another one of your crazy art work! You never fail to find interesting subjects for your illustration, and one can tell from the lighting that this is one of yours.. I love the whole mood, this is a festival of colors amigo, Ill make sure that I won`t miss the next chance to paint with you guys! I hope your animation project is still going smooth. Keep rocking man, portfolios are getting fatter…



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