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I´m in :slight_smile:

Really great to be in a new challenge!

This is the first idea. I want to explore the possibles relations by the way of an art: the music :slight_smile: And a bit (or a lot) the idea of a symbiotic relationship.

Good luck to all, have fun! Cheers!!



Hehe… well I’m really glad to see you join, fresh from the DW :smiley:

I like the idea of rockin’ aliens, I’m pretty sure any alien race visiting Earth would fall for for rock, and it would spread like the plague across the space … God I’d love to see that… hehehe.

Jam hard Fer, these will be wild days, but fun none the less…
Tequila cheers for you!


Good luck with this one! Music has to make people- and aliens- come together for sure, and if its rock so much better! Looking forward to seeing more…


Ah finally! I like your concept haha, keep going man…


Hey, you’re in at last! Great to see you entered buddy! I loved the pic you did in Strange Behavior.

One possible idea: maybe if that alien is playing a guitar he could have some extra fingers - give him that alien advantage.


OMG so they like drugs 2? :buttrock:hahaha Love the idea and the cgharacter’s concepts, my friend! This is going to be a GREAT show! I can tell …I will like to see what kinda stage they will perform on ? :wise:

Vamos FEeeeernandooooo! jajaja me danio el tequila de DW! jaja:scream:


Fernando Welcome …Tell us the name of the Band Please …Good luck


You are on your way! Well done.


Nice start, I remember your Strange Behavior entry, so It’l be good to see how things develop in this thread.


hey … you’re here!
Really nice to see you here \o/

Cool idea.
i totally agree with Gabriel Vera … how nice would be the entire universe listening rock’n roll :cool:
Good stuff =)


Hey Fernando! Great idea to explore music as universal element of communication between so different cultures (aliens and humans).

Good luck my friend!


I like the idea, lots of chance for exploration. Made me think with all the tech and interaction if such occurred, you could have the music respresented visually as well… urm, like… thinks synesthesia I believe it was called. Just a random idea. Looked at the other linked challenges and excited to see what you make of this, good luck!


Gabriel - thanks my friend !! ( and you win a cold six pack of beer for the first post ) I hope to be on rythm with this concept. Again thanks!! Cheers !! :beer:

Raul - thanks mate ! I glad that you liked the concept!! Cheers my friend!! :smiley:

Jassar - thanks friend for your words and encouragement!! Cheers!! :smiley:

Mark - thanks my friend! I really appreciate your kind words!! You are right about the posibilities on the anatomy for the aliens. Again thanks!! Cheers :beer:

Axel - thanks my friend!! hahahahaha I dont know maybe they are using some uplifted alien drug … :smiley: hahahahahahahaha Glad that you liked the concept! Cheers!!

Eric - thanks for the warm welcome to the challenge. She and he are "Medea and Lord Floyd " :smiley:

Paul - Thanks buddy for your kind words ! :smiley:

Bill - thanks for your words! I really appreciate it :slight_smile: Cheers mate!

Filipe - thanks my friend!! Yes, long live to the rock music!! yeaaaa :buttrock:

Marco - really thanks my friend. Glad that you liked the concept, and need to work hard and fast because we have not much time to end this challenge :smiley:

Norman - thanks mate. Yes, that is a nice idea to explore a bit for sure!! Thanks for the comment. Cheers!!


Working on a variation of the first concept. Trying a Jazz-Rock fusion band. My idea is a some kind of symbiotic connection between all the band members :slight_smile:


Rockband! Someone’s been playing Rockband! :slight_smile:

The idea is a good one! Music unites everyone unless there are hearing impaired aliens! I suggest having a more dramatic angle and poses. Something like this: http://blog.gabrieljeffrey.com/post/16335160 but with better composition like this: http://www.foxtheaterspokane.com/images/uploads/medium_pearl_jam_live_2[1].jpg

Also try to have various types of alien body shapes and forms that enable them to play their own unique musical instruments. The result of such combination is an intergalactic sell-outs! :slight_smile:

All the best, Fernando!


Hi Fernando, good luck to you. By the way where is the guy on the far right looking at?:stuck_out_tongue:


really nice concept, i like that (maybe you could add some alien headbanging with tentacles or performing a powerslide :buttrock: ;-))


Really nice start on the band :thumbsup: I like those glowing green cables too


Great start Ferx! your scene is rich, you have so many options and details to add, be quick :slight_smile:
Good luck