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Hi everyone

How exciting the expecting CG CHALLENGE beging again. And so nice that I can paint with some old friends. I’m not sure if I have enough time . but I’ll do my best! Good luck to everyone!:slight_smile:


About how to represent the topic–“Uplift Universe”. … The idea I 'm pursualing is how to represent the relationships between the aliens and future humans ,and the uplift creatures and humans.
my words seems to be like some prattles. Haha. : ) But…

I think it ‘s the most important. The relationship
some contact…and something like that.

So I ‘ll working on that.


I…just review the grand moive <2001:A Space Odyssey> by Stanley Kubrick. I think
some idea in that movie it’s a little bit like the topic here.

.In the movie , the very strange room( at the end of the movie). Perhaps
. it represent the alien presents making the “primordial” man …making these feel a little bit more confortable while it’s going to be exchange to teach man …

It’s just like when human take an animal into the zoo and set their environment very similar to their accustomed habitat.

Or such as some biologist who try to training and teach Chimps.

I think These are kindred.


Sorry for not upload the process frequently. : ( Really,I don’t have enough time to think over this topic till April.24.

NOW This forum is very busy. How exciting! Everyone works so hard. I just can’t endure to that day. haha:D

So here … I sketch some rough shapes of vehicles and machines in space-time.
use Alchmey and Photoshop in several minute.

Good luck to everyone:applause:


A Quick Concept Sketch


A quick Concept Sketch


Software: Photoshop

A quick Concept Sketch


Sorry ,something wrong with my computer just then… :blush:

I know I’m late. I hope I could finish this topic in time. Best wishes to everyone here.


the second sketch today


I 'm not very sure about what I want to paint…just sketch something to make myself think over the topic.


Very beautiful and interesting sketches.
I really hope you’ll finish in time, I want to see which way you will take with your image. :slight_smile:


There’s a quick idea flash to my mind when I sketch this piece just then,
I will sketch it as soon as I can. : P


Hey Fangyu, love that image, really great enviroment and melancholy feeling on it :thumbsup: . Awesomme palette and like a lot the thexture, cool :smiley: Again, great work!! Cheers mate!!


Everything looks great. I hope you have time to finish it - wishing you best of luck :thumbsup:


such inspiring set of previz work you got going over here.
the portrait is beautiful.
keep it up!


I’m looking forward to seeing the end result. It’s hard to picture your work yet, but it looks like it’s going to be amazing. I like the background you’ve put together. What program did you use for it?


I don’t satisfied with my idea few days ago. Now MY inspiration root in <uplift war> Act 6. Here it is. : )


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TO Ferx , Kerem, XSIEN and, silenceimpaired:
Thank you for you so nice encouragement.
I must keep on and try my best to finish it in time.:slight_smile: