Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


I need a miracle…i risk not to post the image 4 a matter of few minutes!!!ARRG!!

anyway…here is the pre final.


just about time. finally able to see the pieces together. nice environment. im missing something to focus on as central point if im allowed to say. maybe a stronger light for the couple. the characters are relly cool man. ! good luck with the tweaks and the challenge!


This is a shot of the orbital spaceport of Altea.Here many uplifted races,aliens and humas live and together.


amazing job oz :bowdown: its incredible the amount of work you did really, a lot i can say about this image but i think it speaks for it self :smiley: congratulations


Finally Finished Congratulations . May I suggest something why don’t you add another pic with all the characters .
Like I did there


OW…OW…OW…feel so tired!! guys! tnx…what a rush! past two weeks kills me!And kills the jb too! :sad:
My everyday work took mee too much time away to finish this image how i figured at the beginning of the challenge…but…if from a side i did not have in my hands a real “AS I WONT” work…from the other was really funny and rewarding live this exprerience with all you guys!
i had occasion to admire your fantastic works that inspire me and push me to till the end doing my best! And so did your post here.TNX A LOT!! now i got a lot o characters ( 5 never presented in this thread because away to be finisched) to play with…and a world that is taking shape day by day…following the intelligent suggestion of Scala and his Ze World and “philosophy” im on a base novel or …“travel diary” base script for…a book? a short? something else? Eric you know what im talking about,right? :wink:
Anyway…there are tons of issues in the final image,but hope you like tha “classic illustration” mood (i hope the image got it!!) . The very first visual inspiration for this scene was taken from the fantastic work of syd Mead (on blade runner and all the sentinel book series) and John Berkey.
I got to take a bit of rest (i dont sleep till 2 days due an unfortunate combination of deadlines ):blush:
SO…tell me…How i can fix this image? what did you change by your taste?



Wonderful final … it’s got life … the backlight fit very well and now the human is walking relaxed enough … glad you made the deadline. :beer:


greatt finish!

Yay OZ


Hey Fabio, great image!! Love the great enviroment on it, really cool sci-fi touch on the whole image. Like the lighting and colors, put a vivid touch on your composition. Awesome work! Congratulations for this great image!! Time for sleep :smiley: but before… yes!!! cold beer and tequila!! Cheers mate!! :beer:


WOW! really really great image ,so many character a lot of details great atmosphere… congratulations

and "in the mouth of the wolf " :slight_smile:



Amazing final! Congrats mate, really awesome work. Composition is very very nice and rendering is realistic. Many characters has supported to your composition. Good work :thumbsup: Good luck Fabio :wavey:

Cheers :beer:


Great job, Fabio!! Looks like from some sci-fi movie :slight_smile: Awesome :slight_smile:

The very best of luck to you!



Fantastic final Oz, it was a great to follow your thread, good luck.


Well done Oz! Congrats!


excellent image man! totally bladerunner, ace.
( not sure if this is a double post post but, never mind ) best of luck man, it was great watching your image develope.

see you next time,


simply awesome! :eek: you made it bro! me very very happy!! :bounce: congratulations all the way!! :scream: each and every update had us gawking at your texturing skills! :eek:
god bless ya bro! :love:


Great stuff! Very well done - congrats on finishing :slight_smile:


Congratz on finishing some nice pic man!
Indeed I agree something to focus on is a bit missing.Maybe that’s also because most of the characters seems to be almost the same size all which take out a bit of depth IMO.
Anyway great work and I like the atmosphere, makes me wanna have some spacebeer or so :slight_smile:



Terrific work, Fabio! I’m really glad you finished and with style. I believe you reached the classical illustration way. And there certainly is a Blade Runner-ish feel to it. Wet, neon light, contrast… And your movie has a good budget for aliens :wink:

      You asked what to change if for one's own taste..  Well, while I like your final image quite a bit I think the work on the background is more impressive.  All the characters, enviroments and so on you did - it is incredible.  Your final image doesn't show them off.  Not saying you could or should cram them all in one and still do them justice.  Not very doable.
      I'd probably change the some of the lighting, posing and locations of the characters.  Some of the very cool aliens could take the foreground as they are, to me, groovier than the human.  Or perhaps the absolutely wicked cyborgorilla.  Then some dynamic poses for the figures, like hagling for some item with furious expression and pose.  Lighting would not have to change in style, just add some to light to your character faces, maybe more illuminated areas like pools of light where some action happens, and some backlight to pop character profiles from the background.  Finally maybe a roll, or whatever it is called, to the camera so that the ground is not staight horisontal but a tad more dynamic.  Whee.. there.  SOrry, I got carried away.  This might break you classical scifi look, but that would be my changes to show the great great material you have made.

I hope that was more helpful then irritating :thumbsup:


Congrats from me too, very good work you’ve done here :slight_smile: