Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


Just an alternative vision of an Uplift.


[left]Hi Fabio.[/left]
[left] [/left]
I like your last post, very funy, but to late for this challenge.
In your last post , i see that the background have too much importance.Maybe u should make it darker to give more importance to the characters. Also i think that the right building is too dark.
Anyway you are doing a very god work.

Cheers mate


LOL funny! :applause:


Just realised you made that as a joke!


Come on it’s time to . Don’t worry take your time


Nice looking stuff OZ! Thanks for the posts on my thread, haven’t posted in a while :p. BTW, I think that last image is probably the best one to be posted throughout the entire challenge so far lol. Hope to see you finish man! The scene is looking great, I myself just got my first comp of the entire scene put together so I’m feeling your pain on the load of stuff still to finish! Best of luck!


one of the last guys… The ratan uplifted rat. Im running out of time…OUCH!


Love the ratman. But there’s something about that yellow big guy that puts me off… not really sure what. IMHO he would fit better as a background character, either ratman or that other alien would fit better as a main character. Keep it up.


Fabio now it’s time to finish my friend.


great work master OZ, i want to to see the fnal image :beer:


Hurry up man, time is running. Hope to see your final image soon.



HI GUYS! thx…tnx…many thx 4 ur unestimable support to this alienoid thread!
I’ll answer one by one asap because…as u can imagine…im a bit under pressure to finish this image!!
Past week was a pain…i got to finish some graphic and animation for a show about the science storical places of Florence. Is a cool work but take me away so many time that now I must finish the challenge with less care than i want.
Anyway i have read ALL your comments about the yellow guy and the image and i hope to make the proper changes where will be possible…
TNX again…now…some concepts directly from my “project book”.
Good luck to everyone and…HAVE FUN!!


Details from backgruond


…20 HOURS TO GO… gosh!


yo bro!! me want to see you at the finishing line! :bounce: :scream:
( you helped me get there too :stuck_out_tongue: ) go go go!
we marvel at your texture work! :eek: rock on bro! hurry!


now one composite…guys…and the render time??? im in serious troubles!!!
AH! the human guy finished!


So many great characters!! So little time, we better see a finish here Fabio…
Rat man makes me happy.





Where ? Where is the image Fabio you have to post here too …


Go Oz Go! Go Oz Go!


where where , I want seeee:bounce::bounce::bounce: