Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


To Neubius: tnx to you! glad you like this stuff!:wip:

to japetus: :cool: TNNNNNNXXXX!!! WOOWWWW! YEAH! It was my aim!! and…GOsh! thx! Berkey is on of my favourite illustrator! He is in my top 5! is an true honour reminding his work!

to chilombiano: TNX MAN! you make me happy!!!

to Blachart67: WOW! tnx! well…im happy twice because im not sure to be so good in mapping area.

to Cographicz: Tnx! well…mmh…the new scene is done in real 3d composition.The image you seen was a 2d rought composite. Tnx to that scene i understood a lot of things needed to be changed. Also the alien proportions.I will post a new composite in a couple of days…so…stay tuned and… comment it again.Need this! :wip:

to scala: SNIFF…SNIFF…:cry: bwaaaah…your post made me so happy that i cant do but cry!! Seriously…mmh… the idea is cool:lightbulb …but im not sure to have enought power to make a true book…mmh.Maybe…he he…a sort of making of or short guide to the “galaxy” i imagined for this challenge? it may be done…as a downloadable pdf. MMMmmm…are you talking seriously? in your opinion a book about alien race may be intereting for people?
It must be cool to do a booklet with all the best of this challenge!..anyway…ill’post a couple of possible page of this “maybe” book.

to Fetus23: WOW…a lot of time! I must say the same of you! the suit design in ur challenge is fantastic! so…keep it up! funny and exciting find old challenge friends!

to Pearlyking: Im close to present something…!! tnx a lot!

to JackZhang: TNX! aaah…mmh…following the suggestions of Scala,im seriously thinking to make a web page or a PDF about all the creature here.


To HornlessUnicorn: HERE WE ARE! I god time to finish!! and you can’t imagine how im happy for this…Are years that i cant finish a challenge!!

to Ferx: TNX Ferx! im wondering if post more concepts just for viewing pleasure…what di u think?

to sasquatch70: Tnx Brad! i did a pre compsite last week…and is a big trouble,because a have to put in the same scene about 10 characters… there is also a very dense background.
Im now a bit in troubles with the vehicles.

to walrus: Finished! as you can see…did u like it? TNX to be here!

to js3d: TNX A LOT! glad u like my work!!:love:

to MartinNielsen: Woooo i have to finish it! the gorilla kills me!! difficult in mapping side! aaaww… TNX Martin!

to handlebar: Thank you! is a funny period for me…im,for example, having a burger…and…looking at that, i imagine a burger alien!! HE HE HE…I LOVE THIS CHALLENGE.
and your comment give me a real help for finish it!

to Donglu-LittleFish: Thank you… a lot. I appreciate a your comment a lot. I give so many attention in the field of shape/mass/weight. The balance of theese factor is crucial to
achieve a good result.

to harachte: TNX A LOT! :love:

to Piz : PIIIIIIZ vecchio amiko!!! senti chi si sente!! porca miseria! ma com’è che non partecipi mai a queste cose! te che sei uno stratoro!!!
Guys! Piz is a great!! let tell me…he was my inspirator 4 years!!

to notec: Tnx a lot! and compliment…cool models in your portfolio!

to Dragneye: Many tnx Drew!:wip:

to ChrRambow: I hope the same!!! tnx a lot 4 your kind posts!

to bobred: TNX! will be a pleasure having you here again! hope not to disappoint with my future entry!:wavey:

to Slav: TNX A LOT! love your work too! i was inspiring me a lot for my roborilla!


Oz, the master modeler! I love your characters; they are the best I’ve seen on this contest! I really am looking forward to seeing the scene where these characters can come to life! I just glanced through your thread; this is the first time I actually saw it! I’m going to go back and check out some more! Rockin’ man, keep going! Awesome modeling and texturing!!!


I second that!


I really like all these alien heads !

Gran lavoro OZ… complimenti ancora!


Your work is really good Oz. Are you using Zbrush or Mudbox or somehting? Apologies if that info has already been posted.



More fantastic work…looks like you are the only one who is unsure about your uv / texture abilities! And…thanks for your crits on my thread…


I dont know how i dont see your entry. Really good 3D models and textures.
Want see that finished. Its going to be amazing.


Hey Fabio, I out of words … gosh!!! wooooooow love your designs, your models, your textures, your lighting… simply superb!! I really enjoyed watching all your images! A great inspiration!! Cheers mate!! :beer:


WOW! GUYS! one week to go! well…here…the main character suit.complete at 50%…waah! stil la lot to do!!


did u remeber this guy?


boy i love your texturing work.
you better hurry up man,6 days left~


Wow,so many delicate elements. They are really great concepts.:thumbsup:
Hope to see the composition soon.and best wishes to you.


The Galaxy guide is on the way . Of course I’m serious could be like a scientist book sketch and a 3 D Vision .


There are so many things to add that…boffffssshhhhrrzzzzzttt…short circuit!! :slight_smile:
Seriously…there are a lot details and objects to put in the scene…4 aliens and some mapping alredy do be done…as the roborilla one.


Hi fabio … fantastic work … especially on this alien guy … i love his anatomy flow :smiley:

One critique i got for the guy in the suit … he is looking a littlebit stiff at the moment.
But i think a littlebit more couterweight for the pose on his shoulder an hips and head could fix it … so it looks more natural.

I also would try to keep the alien guy with his cool white suit a littlebit more in the foreground and looking at the human in the suit … he could also rise his hand like he
was going to ask him something … to show the interaction between human and alien better.

Keep it up. :beer:


Hi Fabio. Good solid progress there. If you couldn’t have the time to model the rest, you could always paint them in. At first, I assume the big yellow thing is a robot. But I assume that you intended it to be a human. Having a clear sign of human life in the suit might help. Perhaps an obviously-human name tag on the front of the suit, someone name McKenzie? :slight_smile: (No offense to the McKenzies out there, but it sounded very astronaut-ish, like Armstrong)

Keep going, and all the best!


Hey Fabio,

I think your work is really amazing.
Enjoying the characters and your texture work is really something.
Can’t to see the rendered textures on the robot.

I’m only trying to get through one of these challenges for once, and it’s definitely been a learning experience. True there really isn’t much time.

Boa sorte cara, isso estah me parecendo muito legal :thumbsup:

PS-- From your surname I’m trying to guess you’re Brazilian, but if I’m wrong I’m only saying your work is looking very cool. And in Italian I think I can only say Buona Fortuna or something heh


Woot! Cheering you on! :slight_smile:


Hi oz! your Aliens Concept is very good!! & I like sea horse Neon light! I hope do your best!