Uplift Universe - Image Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


Fantastic imagination OZ, the idea for your last render is brilliant.


I have to Agree :slight_smile:


Hey OZ - Very cool, and original gallery of creatures bud. Great work man.


very nice texturing on the slug, absolutely amazing can you do me a favor and take a render shot of the head so i can see the texture alittle better. keep up the good work.


Fabio the last one is Wonderfully strong . I’ve got an idea tell me , after the contest why don’t you do a book that could be an Alien dictionnary . You’ve got enough idea for that and talent to do it .


I really love your concept a lot … especially the shape of the alien head.


excellent character designs, will keep an eye on this one


really digging the helmet. great work on it!


For Cographicz: Here’s the slug head render u asked.

TNX U ALL GUYS! u are my strength!


Im super dooper busy!! my everyday work keep me away from this fantastic challenge…aaah! tooo busy!
anyway the alien plethora continue…

Take a look of this bad mug!


bro :surprised … you know what … i need to sit for texturing classes; and obviously! …
[b]you ma TeAcHer!!

[/b]you’re crazy man! … so amazingly crazy!! :drool:


thanks for the render, i really like the colorful wet look you have choosen for the slug. and the new alien head texture is awsome, keep up the good work.


Great alien designs, mate! Phantastic job! Keep them coming - I hope you have enough time to finish, can’t wait to see it all come together.

All the best



Just got to say - I’m totally ispired by viewing this thread. Fantastic concepts and superb models. I love the style you’re using. :slight_smile:



Hey Fabio,

Looking fantastic as always. Can’t wait to see it in its proper context. Brad


The last head is great! :smiley: … i hope you can finish in time.


hey oz! its crazy you did so much aliens! they all look great and so does your scene, reminds me of halo :smiley: lets keep working ! :wip:



Im now on the last 4 aliens…but…there are something in the submit page that dont works and i cant post anything new at the moment… I got big problems to write this reply too! damn!!! :beer: ANYWAY…GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!! AND THANK YOU AGAIN!!!


NEW FACE!..the pilot.



For some reason I missed this thread the whole way.

Truely impressive work mate!

Looking forward to seeing this one completed!